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Next Level Astrology: Harnessing the Strength of Mars Podcast by Psychic Marcella

Date 4/4/2023
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Are you struggling to survive and want to thrive? Learn how to channel your inner warrior by listening to Marcella's podcast on how to harness the Red Planet today!

The Planet Mars gives us focus, drive, zeal and helps us manifest our destinies. In a lower vibration, an afflicted Mars causes burnout, passive aggression, and looks to blame others rather than taking responsibility for actions. Mars' lower energies may shoot ourselves in the foot, or we may take the higher road through self-love. By choosing the latter, we buffer self-sabotage and channel unconditional love into concerted action.

Mars Astrology

Mars' Forceful Energy

Along with Pluto, Mars rules volcanic activity, earthquakes, and disruptive weather such as droughts and heat waves. Its energy may combine with the Moon and Neptune's influence to produce storms that combine water with its fury or wind-laden cataclysms with the planet Mercury, such as hurricanes or tornadoes.

We often misconstrue jealousy, anger, and resentment as entirely negative emotions, but this is not necessarily true. Feeling envious of others' perceived abilities can plant a seed of desire in those called to be inspired. Passion turns into efforts and actions, ultimately attaining success. 

Just as the wind and water storms provide water and air to the growing seedling, and sunshine still nourishes plants during heat waves, humanity may tame Martian energy with conscious desire. If Martian energy is not tamed, individuals will replay negative thought patterns such as rumination, resentment, and rage over and over again. 

Tuning into Mars' Positive Aspects

Observing nature is one of my favorite ways of tuning into the natural Martian flow. Look at the animal kingdom for red or orange colors. Ginger tabby cats, lions, cheetahs, tigers, American robins, Northern Cardinals, and roosters all sport the colors of red and orange, mimicking the Red Planet. With only the tabby as a possible exception, all these animals have a boisterous reputation. For example, look at a robin as she defends her young. She is seldom a peaceful defender. Able to chase off crows, blue jays, and other predators by ganging up with her neighborhood robins, the robin family is rather aggressive in defending their territory. 

Karmic cycles affect birds in the same way as human beings. Hawks, owls, and cats infest nests where the parents with lower energy become exhausted from hunting day and night for their nestlings' food.  Other parents continue enabling their young as they become fledglings and nourish a new brood. 

Martian anger manifests by tearing these bird families apart, just as it does in the human world. During the next mating season, partners will choose new mates in hopes of rearing successful broods. The successful pairings will continue to raise exceptional young and implement the equivalent of excellent self-care by grazing on fresh, ripe food during the migratory season.

Mars Energy

Working With Mars Energy

How do we imitate these excellent examples found in nature?  One of my favorite ways is through channeling the properties of essential oils. Cooling essences such as spearmint, eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint help elevate us past red-hot everyday pain.  Epsom salts and aromatherapy shower tablets help enhance the experience by lifting away any tension lingering within our bodies and helping us envision a new existence. 

Another helpful way to release negative Martian energies is through exercise. Taking a stroll through nature or hiking can help burn off steam. Walking has been shown to organize thought patterns, helping solve problematic and persistent issues. 

One barrier that may interfere with exercise is low flexibility. Hot tubs, massage, and regular stretching techniques enlighten the mind and empower the practitioner to move more quickly and readily. Natural remedies like emu oil and essential oils like peppermint may further assist this process.

Last, yoga and meditation help release all that bothers us. Yoga develops inner awareness, focusing on your body's abilities in the present moment. You may not be yet able to manifest all that you're looking for at this time, but you may realize the glass is half-full through a daily flexibility and awareness regimen. Yoga has also been shown to strengthen immunity. It does not substitute for a regular health and wellness checkup from your primary care physician. Still, it does improve the mindset and acts as a spiritual armor that enhances physical well-being.

Mars Energy

Mantra for Working With Mars Energy

Using all we've learned about Martian energy and how to redirect it in our lives, let's pause for a moment and meditate on its qualities. We shall say the three-word phrase:  "Action - Peace - Release." While contemplating, I want you to focus on the foundation of Martian manifestation, ACTION. After phrasing "Action", move into "Peace." Then visualize yourself releasing the previous resentment bothering you before taking action. Then, repeat.

In summary, harnessing Martian energy helps heal in the "Father Energy" spectrum. Whether male or female, masculine energy is vital to manifesting in life. The planets Saturn and Uranus also reside here; Saturn represents structure, while Uranus is more liberal and innovative. When we harness Martian energy and can structure it appropriately, "Saturn-style," we're ready for Uranian blessings.  The astrological granddaddy of all the planets in the Solar System, Uranus is ready to bless if we do the work commanded by Saturn's stern grip! 

Mars has the lowest energy of the three orbs, but is also the most vitalizing and energizing. Mars associates with the root chakra, while Uranus is at the opposite end of the seven in the crown. Saturn is analogous to our skeleton - it acts as a "go-between" that ties all the chakras together.
If we have blockages anywhere in between the root and crown, that's where we feel stuck. Liberating blockages in the middle five chakras - the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, and third eye proceed from cleaning up the root chakra.



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Marcella is a third-generation psychic who is talented in astrology, Tarot, and many other divination forms. She has been reading professionally since 2013. She has a background in healthcare with a pharmacist degree, earned in 1997. Marcella has used her healthcare background to better understand spiritual healing through the chakras and healing one's aura. She is still recovering from a near-death experience in 2016 that placed her on a transplant list. Divine intervention prevented her from needing a transplant. When not working on Psychic Source, Marcella is caring for her pet, engaging with her two children, and volunteering at her daughter's grade school.


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