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Next Level Astrology: Broaden Your Perspective with Your Uranus Return Podcast by Psychic Donovan

Date 3/22/2023
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Planet Uranus

What is a Uranus Return?

Yes. The rumors are true. Uranus takes 84 years to complete a full lap around the sun. Technically this means you will be an octogenarian when you experience the time when Uranus returns to the placement in the sky where it was at during the moment of your birth, which is your Uranus return. You do not, however, have to wait 84 years to feel the lightning-like downloads of movement and awareness in the soul that accompany a Uranus return. These gems of awakening and personal verisimilitude are coming to you in bite-size pieces: benchmarks that will feel like pinnacles of achievement and understanding if viewed from even the slightest bit of patience and surrender. These benchmarks are coming, and they mean business.

Uranus peregrinates key angles or positions, known as aspects, on its journey around the sun and back to the zodiac position it was at during the moment of your birth. These aspects represent benchmarks in your relationship with yourself as your relationship with yourself is affected by Uranus and its odyssey around the sun. These aspects are no different than benchmarks in any other type of relationship—i.e., first meet, first kiss, engagement, marriage, first home together, etc., and the aspects most recognized in Western Astrology today are called the 60-degree sextile, a 90-degree square, a 120-degree trine, and a 180-degree opposition.

Each aspect carries its own tone or vibration, like a specific tune. And each calls to your heart in a particular way and stimulates certain kinds of change, just like the aspect of the first kiss knocks your socks off and inspires you to bring out the best for your new love. Because we are talking about Uranus, a hulking and repetitive stimulant that inspires thinking outside of the box, Uranus aspects are times in your life when you are more likely to reinvent yourself or think outside the box. 

Uranus Return

At What Ages Do the Uranus Return's Aspects Take Place?

Below is a list of the most recognized aspects and when they happen. These are aspects that you will find on your natal/birth chart. As you can see, all aspects except the opposition happen twice.

Age Uranus aspect
13-15 Sextile
20-22 Square
27-29 Trine
42-44 Opposition
55-57 Trine
63-65 Square
69-71 Sextile

Sextile: The Uranus sextile aspect is essentially a summons to indulge in literally what most teenagers want: time for discovery, a chance to push boundaries or choose a path for yourself that may be different from the expectations of others.

Note the sextile aspect happens twice, which means an interest from your teen years may resurface in the late 60s and early 70s. Sextile aspects are what astrologers call flowing aspects. This indicates change that is relatively easy to carryout, and time periods when you consciously choose something new and have the brass to pursue that role you have secretly wanted.

Trine: The trine aspect of Uranus is a summons from way down deep in your heart to choose and act in ways that lets you live your truth loud and proud. The trine aspect also indicates an opportunity and/or fortuitous circumstances that shows up out-of-left-field. And true to Uranian form this will throw existing plans into chaos. Don’t worry. The trine aspect is also a flowing aspect, which means the changes that are provoked from a trine aspect are changes you make excitedly and willingly or that you have been secretly wishing for anyway. Flowing with the changes will feel right to you.

It is important to note that contrary to what philosophers say about history, history doesn’t exactly repeat itself. But it does rhyme. And the Uranus trine aspect becomes a generous uncle you haven’t seen in years when an opportunity you missed out on in the late 20s returns in the mid-50s. Hence, you likely get a second chance at a personally meaningful career path, a path that answers a call from your heart.

Squares and Oppositions: The square and opposition aspects are personal and spiritual phases that are experienced as intense or challenging. This is not at like the flowing sextile and trine aspects and more like being tossed into the rapids with a canoe whose bottom is riddled with holes.

The square aspect happens twice (ages 20–22 and 63-65) and the opposition aspect happens only once (42-44). Both aspects instigate changes that will have an unsettling ambiance--that is, the square and opposition aspects are showing up in a distinct shock-factor manner. This means you will likely not see the changes coming, or you will have to make fast, shoot-from-the-hip choices as a result of circumstances beyond your control.

One big difference that separates the square aspect (ages of 20–22 and 63–65) from the opposition aspect (ages of 42–44) is that the square is an aspect of adjustment and frustration. The square aspects are phases when you will be clearer about what you don’t want instead of what you do want. Being tired of being tired and frustrated will nudge you to start picking and sifting out what you really want and/or what you’ve wanted all along and various goals you have hidden from yourself. And, yes, what you want may not be what you expected and thusly seem odd or catch you by surprise. Don’t worry. In hindsight you will be certain that the Uranus square aspects were sorely needed phases.

A second big difference that separates the square aspect (ages of 20–22 and 63–65) from the opposition aspect (ages of 42–44) is that the opposition aspect is, as you’ve probably guessed, one of a trio of midlife transits that correspond with the infamous “Midlife Crisis”: Pluto Square, Uranus Opposition, and Neptune Square.

If you haven’t hit the Uranus opposition aspect age yet, and you want to avoid the knocked-on-my-arse feeling midlife crises are famous for, there really is a way to “get ahead of the press,” so to speak. Question everything: responsibilities, routines, and obligations. Then challenge the rules and guard rails of your personal constitution. I am talking about the personal and private rule book that you follow and use as a script for talking to yourself.

During the Uranus opposition you will crave what’s invigorating, poignant, and restorative. The more honest you are with yourself, the easier it will be to feel poised and responsive instead of reactive and wingnutty when change happens. Opposition aspects are discombobulating because they inspire a redo and personal renovation from the foundation upward. The more honest you are with yourself, the easier it will be to trust yourself with the changes. The Universe, however, is always on your side.

Reflect on your Uranus Return

How Should You Reflect On Your Uranus Return?

The Uranus Return is a process that walks you from formative years to the clearing at the end of the trail. It is so much more than an awakening that shows up for the octogenarian you. The same phases and the same purpose behind the phases apply to everybody. To wake us from our sleep, to inspire innovation that is true to who we really are. The specifics for each person are different, but the timing and inevitability of the Uranus return and the purpose behind its aspects are not.

I like to view the Uranus return and accompanying aspects as my guardian angel who is specifically assigned to protect me from complacency. An angel that rustles the hunger pangs, wants, and wishes I had set aside and forgot about. I feel like the Uranus return angel keeps nudging me to draw water from a deeper well, pushes me to come up with something new when the stories I have been telling myself get old and start putting me to sleep.

I encourage you to view the Uranus return in similar fashion: a faithful ally who will wake you from sleeping through the movie. Your movie. An ally who has been sent from that divine part of you who loves you more than you can ever imagine.

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