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Card 0: The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

It might seem odd to start at zero instead of one. But the first card in the Major Arcana, the Fool, is associated with the number 0 to represent the unmanifested possibility that they represent. This is the person at the very start of their journey. Their final destination isn’t always clear. Most images will show a person standing on the edge of a high place, looking like they are having a ball and unaware of how big of a fall it will be, should they lose their balance. The Fool also is typically accompanied by some sort of animal companion, who may be trying to get their attention to let them know how close they are to the edge.

The Fool Tarot Card Upright Meaning

This card is all about enthusiastic beginnings. Think of the spirit of adventure that you get at the start of a big trip to a place you’ve never been to but have always wanted to visit. In your enthusiasm, you might gloss over some of the trip’s possible (or probable) inconveniences when you imagine it. There’s a spirit of optimism that can cross the line into naivete with this card. But for the most part, this card is a green light to start something big and new in your life. You might not end up where you intend to, but you’ll be richer for the experience. A good pop-culture example of the Fool is Dorothy Gale, at the beginning of The Wizard of Oz, dreaming of adventures far away from Kansas.

The Fool Tarot Card Upright Keywords: Optimistic, Energized, Fresh Starts, Adventurous, Filled with Potential

The Fool Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

The main takeaway from the Fool reversed is “look before you leap!” That drop might be a lot farther than you think it is. You may not be prepared for what happens when you land. Your naivete or lack of knowledge will have a price in the end. It is a good idea to double-check both your expectations and possible outcomes, so you won’t be caught unaware. Reach out to someone more knowledgeable about the situation because you might not have the full picture. Some of the antics Lucille Ball got into in I Love Lucy have a lot of the same energy as the Fool reversed.

The Fool Tarot Card Reversed Keywords: Foolhardy, Reckless, Naïve, Unrealistic, Rash

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