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Five of Wands

Meaning of the Five of Wands Tarot Card

This card often features five people in battle and using the wands as weapons. The fight may not be a serious one, but everyone is taking it seriously and doing their best not to lose any ground.

Five of Wands Tarot Card Upright Meaning

This card can indicate friendly competition, like a sporting event. There is an opportunity to put your skills to the test and come out stronger for it. But there will be a demand for your full energy and attention in the battle, and you may well become depleted in the effort. Take care to ensure that the spirit of competition doesn’t turn into a petty squabble where there are no winners.

5 of Wands Upright Keywords: friendly competition, a test of skill, a show of strength, bring your A-game, sports

Five of Wands Reversed Meaning

The most straightforward way to understand the Five of Wands is that it can describe any situation where your energy is wasted. Maybe you are giving your energy away by getting into petty squabbles on social media. Maybe you are too invested in a disagreement or dispute you won’t get anything out of in the end. Maybe the person (or persons) you are engaged in competition with is cheating the system in some way. In any case, when you see this card, see what endeavors/ fights you are engaged in that are a waste of time, and reclaim your energy.

5 of Wands Reversed Keywords: fighting dirty, lack of sportsmanship, cheating, pointless squabbles