LGBTQIA+ Free One Card Tarot Reading

Date 6/23/2023
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Free One Card Tarot Reading



What makes the Tarot such an effective spiritual tool is its nuance. The imagery and the cards’ meanings can be applied to the full range of human experiences.

Try our one-card tarot interactive, which shares messages geared specifically toward our LGBTQIA+ family.

The Fool

You are right on the edge of something new. Something has been calling to you from inside your heart and you are ready to answer it. It might be that you’ve just discovered you are part of the LGBTQIA+ rainbow. You may have decided to make the first steps of transitioning. You and your partner could be thinking about adding to your family via adoption. In any case, you are making the conscious decision to live your truth. That is a beautiful and empowering thing.

That doesn’t mean it won’t be scary. The Fool card is all about taking leaps of faith. It’s hard to see what is waiting at the end of the road when you are just starting on your journey. But it will be so much harder for you in the long run if you turn your back on what your heart has been telling you all along. Take a deep breath. Then, take that first step. You can do this.

About This Free One Card Tarot Reading

Whenever you find yourself feeling stuck or needing guidance, a one-card tarot reading can provide a gentle nudge to point you toward your truth. Tarot is an invitation to consider your current situation and look a little deeper, or shift your perspective, or, in the words of Psychic Tivon, "a powerful tool for self-knowledge and understanding, on your personal journey of transformation." The images, symbols, and colors on the card all carry a significance that prompts the question, "Is there something here I need to look at, perhaps a message I've forgotten, ignored, or simply failed to see."

Online tarot readings like this free one-card reading, our free love tarot reading, or our free online tarot reading interactive, are easy ways to approximate the experience of pulling a random card or cards and getting a simple explanation of the card's meaning. But nothing replaces the value and validation that comes with getting a live, personal tarot reading with a psychic tarot reader.

As Psychic Mae notes, "Professional tarot readers bring years’ worth of knowledge. They understand both the meanings of the cards and how they relate to one another. A professional tarot reader has also cultivated his or her sense of intuition and has learned to trust the insights coming forward. Intuition and a deep understanding of how the tarot card meanings come together in reading are essential to receiving the best reading possible.” Our Psychic Juliette concurs, “A professional tarot reader on Psychic Source has many years of experience, a deep understanding of the language of Tarot, and how it can help you navigate through difficult life issues. When I get psychic messages and then lay out the cards, it all synchs up and it gives us really rich, complex answers, including wisdom we might not have gotten otherwise."  We encourage you to reach out to our gifted psychic Advisors any time you seek answers, validation, and support. 

Psychic Source Celebrates Pride Every Day with LGBTQIA+ Readings

Creating a safe, professional, welcoming space for our LGBTQIA+ clients, advisors, and allies has always been a core part of who we are and what we believe. Validation, respect, and support are as much a part of the empowerment we hope you take from each reading as the insight and guidance of our psychic advisors. In short, the Psychic Source community is here for you.

But let’s face it, it can be challenging to find a queer, trans, lesbian, gay-friendly psychic online. We aim to change that! To find a psychic who specializes in LGBTQIA+ readings, click on LGBT Relationships Subjects & Expertise filter within Love Relationships & Family on the Our Psychics Page. To read articles created especially for the LGBTQIA+ community, look for the LGBTQIA+ article tag. We’ve highlighted a few of these articles, along with messages of affirmation and support, from our advisors below.

From all of us at Psychic Source, thank you for being here, and for being you!

Stasch's Photo Stasch x 9303

“Being a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community for me is essentially about creating a sense of, unity, family. Collectively, there is enormous diversity in terms of our respective backgrounds, beliefs, and identities. What we share and what connects us to each other, transcends our differences. We all share a unique history of survival against the odds, coping with obstacles, overcoming barriers, and ultimately finding self-worth, dignity, and pride in who we are, and what we accomplish. Either as individuals or as a collective, we can find in each other acceptance, support, empowerment, and love.”
Featured Article: What is Gaydar and is Gaydar Real?

Danielle's Photo Danielle x7913

“Self-acceptance is truly a heroic act.” - Nathaniel Branden
“This LGTBQIA+ pride month, I want to salute my son and all our children who are walking the path of rigorous honesty and personal integrity. It is not an understatement to say that the amount of courage required to be authentically who you are in this divided culture is nothing short of heroic. You remain strong examples of self-acceptance and self-love to the rest of us. We at Psychic Source are here for you with open and supportive arms, if you need us.”
Featured Article: Safe To Love - The Story Of My Transgender Son By Psychic Danielle

Ricky's Photo Ricky x8106

“I don’t just serve the LGBTQIA+ community; I’ve been part of it myself for over half a century… Never in our community has understanding the way that we see ourselves and our world been more important, and maybe more at risk. I remember an old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” Well, here we are. We can’t rewrite history, but we can change our future, navigate our paths, and create a safer place to love. There is no judgment here, I tell people I am a psychic not a saint. I am your ally and advocate no matter who you love. What matters most is how we love. I am here for you when you need me. Consider an appointment. Happy Pride!”

Narnia's Photo Narnia x7735

“It is never too late to own who you truly are. I came out when I was 18, but at times in my life, I struggled to feel comfortable or confident within myself. Whether it was because of a work situation, or the people around me, there have been plenty of times in my life when I was less than authentic with who I am. Luckily, Psychic Source accepts their Readers exactly as they are, and we all want you to know that we accept our callers completely as you are too! This is a judgment-free zone!”
Featured Article: Lesbian Astrology - Love Matches & Compatibility By Psychic Narnia

Donovan's Photo Donovan x8351

“Every June, National Pride Month has the same message: You can’t help who you fall in love with. What matters most is that you do fall in love. Mother Theresa was right: “Whoever loves the most…wins.” Why? We are at our foundation different versions of the One Big Love endeavoring to fulfill Itself with Its own infinite potential. Diversity is the real miracle, the first manifestation. There is the Creator (God/Allah/Jehovah, etc.), and then there is a differentiation of identity; I am me and you are you. The inclusion of variety becomes the second manifestation, which is unity. Without diversity, there is no unity. Pride month revelers taught me this too.”
Featured Article: Gay Astrology - Compatibility, Traits, And Love Matches by Psychic Donovan

Hunter's Photo Hunter x4875

“It is important that being trans, gay, bisexual, or however you identify is not a mental health issue in itself; however, the importance of religion and mental health to fortify underserved communities cannot be underestimated. It is essential to have spiritual and social support when navigating the world of social identities. For members of the LGBTQIA+ community, our spiritual care is an essential aspect of our mental and emotional wellbeing. Through your work of self-discovery, you can utilize the practices of self-expression, holistic self-care, and community engagement to create pathways from pain to purpose. Living as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, it's not always easy to find those who understand your specific needs. But it is easy to find the right advisors at Psychic Source once you know what to look for.”
Featured Article: Proudly You: The Revealing Link Between Identity and Spiritual Practice by Psychic Hunter


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