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Five of Cups

The Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

A cloaked figure is hunched over, seemingly in despair. Three cups have been knocked over and their contents have spilled all over the ground. But there are two cups still standing.

Five of Cups Tarot Card Upright Meaning

The Five of Cups is a continuation of the last card in that the discontent is now full-blown sadness because of loss. The losses here are tangible, which is different than the vague dissatisfaction of the Four of Cups. There might be a lot of dwelling on what went wrong. Try not to get caught up in a cycle of guilt or self-pity. Remember, you still have two cups standing, so not everything is lost.

5 of Cups Upright Keywords: set-back, loss, regret, guilt, sadness

Five of Cups Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

The focus is on those two upright cups when this card is reversed. While there is no denying the loss, there is something you can salvage from it. Take a look at the surrounding cards. See who or what you still have. And once you are sure on those things, make a plan to move on. The intensity of the hurt will fade in time.

5 of Cups Reversed Keywords: take stock of your resources, moving on, silver lining, sad times don’t last forever