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Card 18: The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

As might be expected, an image of the full moon is usually this card’s most prominent feature. You might see a lot of watery imagery, as well as images of crabs, and sometimes scorpions. There may be images of dogs as well. The mood of the card might also reference symbols associated with the underworld.

The Moon Upright Meaning

When you see this card appear in a reading, things might well be confusing in your life. Sometimes it can indicate that there are secrets being kept from you, or that there is a piece of a puzzle you are missing to completely understand a situation. It can mean coming into contact with some of life’s larger mysteries and a need for patience while you try to make sense of them before taking another step. Think of the fable of the blind men and the elephant. Each of them ‘saw’ the elephant from their limited perspective, but there was so much more to the elephant than what they were perceiving.

The Moon Upright Keywords: finding your way in the dark, secrets, seeing only part of the story, mysteries, initiation into the unknown

The Moon Reversed Meaning

The best way to think of the energy of the Moon reversed is to think of the way a pile of clothes can look like a monster to an over-imaginative child at night. Like the Moon’s upright meaning, we still have a limited view of what’s happening, but we need to be sure we aren’t jumping to conclusions and seeing things that aren’t there. Look closely at your actions and see if you are operating from a place of false assumptions. Turn on a metaphorical light so you can get clarity and stop bumping into things in the dark.

The Moon Reversed Keywords: mistaking illusion for reality, jumping to conclusions, losing your way

Learn More About What The Moon Tarot Card Means

The Moon Tarot card symbolizes hidden spiritual depths. Use its archetypal energy to gain deeper awareness of your psyche with this guided meditation podcast by Psychic Astrid.