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Three of Pentacles

Meaning of the Three of Pentacles Tarot Card

This card usually depicts a sculptor or other artisan putting the finishing touches on their latest creation. Three pentacles are either part of the project’s design or worked into the background somehow. You may also see a group of people nearby admiring the work. There might be something in the card’s design to indicate that the work is taking place in some sort of holy area.

Three of Pentacles Upright Meaning

The Three of Pentacles is linked to the idea of taking pride in a job well done. It is also an assurance that a project will be taken seriously by everyone involved. The card may refer to an expert or trusted resource in a particular field. While the Three of Pentacles can refer to jobs and work ethic in general, it also can carry the connotation of being awarded a high profile or important project based on reputation. There’s also a chance that the work involved aligns with your soul purpose somehow.

3 of Pentacles Upright Keywords: mastery, good workmanship, high profile projects, strong work ethic

Three of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

All of the satisfaction of the Three of Pentacles upright is gone in the reversed position. This card indicates boredom on the job, which can easily translate into a poorly done task. Double-check to make sure someone isn’t cutting corners on a promised project or is misrepresenting their skill level.

3 of Pentacles Reversed Keywords: slipshod work, carelessness, phoning it in, dishonesty regarding skill