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Eight of Wands

Meaning of the Eight of Wands Tarot Card

This card often features eight wands zooming through a blue sky in the same direction. If there are any figures depicted on this card, they will be in a stance denoting action or speed.

Eight of Wands Tarot Card Upright Meaning

If you were looking for a sign to move fast on something, this is it. You may notice that a lot of small things are going your way. All that momentum coming from different places can add up to a newfound burst of energy. You may be getting a second wind to finish up a long-term project.

8 of Wands Upright Keywords: Speed, a second wind, burst of energy, travel, getting your ducks in a row

Eight of Wands Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

All that wonderful energy is being scattered when you see the Eight of Wands reversed. There may be something that’s distracting you or keeping you from focusing. Is there something sapping your energy or keeping you from focusing? Try not to be too hasty, especially if you aren’t completely committed to a course of action. Stop and clear your head, and you’ll find the right way to go.

8 of Wands Reversed Keywords: lack of focus, drained, distracted, haste makes waste, take a break