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Card 11: The Justice Tarot Card

The Justice Tarot Card Meaning

This card will often depict a stern-faced woman sitting on a throne. A lot of the symbols typically associated with justice, like scales and a blindfold, might also be incorporated in the card’s design. She may be holding a sword as well.

Justice Upright Meaning

This card primarily deals with the idea of human justice and the law. Seeing it in a reading is often an indication of legal matters or a situation that involves navigation through a lot of dense rules. Upright, it can also mean that things will come to a fair and just conclusion. But keep in mind that for things to be completely fair, we often have to set aside our biases or preconceived notions and only concern ourselves with facts. Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird is a great example of this energy.

Justice Upright Keywords: fair, impartial, logic-based, facts over emotion, legal matters

Justice Reversed Tarot Meaning

The rules and the law are still a focal point for this card but reversed it can indicate a perversion of justice. The consequences either don’t fit the crime or the guilty get away. Seeing Justice reversed is a warning to make sure that you aren’t getting taken advantage of or that you are about to dodge the consequences of your actions. The old song, The Night When the Lights Went Out in Georgia, is a good example of the energy of Justice reversed.

Justice Reversed Keywords: getting away with murder, rule-breaking, no consequences or overly harsh consequences, the innocent suffer