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Card 17: The Star Tarot Card

The Star Tarot Card Meaning

This card usually depicts a woman, often naked, standing near a pond of water under a starry night sky. Typically there will be seven stars. She is pouring water from a jug in each hand. One hand pours water onto the land, the other is pouring into the pond.

The Star Upright Meaning

After the shock of the Tower, the Star gives us a restful space to catch our breath. This describes a space in our lives when we are ready for good things to grow. We might find that life feels a little more magical when this card’s energy comes into our life. Synchronicities may become more noticeable. We may find the inspiration we need to tackle the next big project in our lives. There’s lots of productive energy to help us go towards our dreams. The Fairy Godmother appearing to Cinderella after her stepmother’s cruelty is a good example of the energy of this card.

The Star Upright Keywords: hope springs eternal, dream come true, falling in love with life again, renewal, inspiration

The Star Reversed Meaning

The promise of the Star is still available in the reversed position, but the energy is blocked. Chances are you might be in your own way, letting fear keep you from open to receiving something good. When you see this card reversed, strongly consider if your fears have any merit. Try to focus on the things that can go right instead of the things that might go wrong. Remember the movie Enchanted, where Patrick Dempsey’s character put up strong blocks against romance because he had his heartbroken before.

The Star Reversed Keywords: resistant to good things, blocked off from joy, skepticism, pessimism, held back by fear

Learn More About What The Star Tarot Card Means

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