Tarot on a Tangent: Leaping with the Fool by Psychic Ginger

Date 5/22/2023
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More than just a powerful divination tool, tarot can be useful to help bring more positive traits into your life. Psychic Source Advisor Ginger will help you learn to leap with the Fool.

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By Psychic Ginger x3037

Finding the fool in a tarot reading brings a whole dynamic energy to your path. Depending on the question and where we are trying to apply ourselves, we can be enthusiastic, or we can sink into confusion. This card always resonates with our internal processes and our external actions by causing us to question what we want next.

Guided Meditation with the Fool tarot card.

The Fool card is the archetype of a young, innocent person, just beginning their journey in life.  Most tarot decks show the Fool standing on a cliff, with one foot stepping over the edge and the other foot still on the ground.  The Fool is trying to decide whether to take a chance or move back to safety. We can find ourselves in this position at any time in life, no matter our real age.  Should we take a chance or stick with what we know?  This is perfectly represented by the archetype of the Fool.  Meditate on the Fool card and let it help you choose a new path in life or make an important decision.

I really enjoy this card any time it comes up in a reading. It's exciting because we can pull so much inspiration from it and it can also really direct our wants and needs. Some of the things I'm going to be talking about are its traditional meaning, and its reverse meaning, and I'll show you some foundations we can build from to get some direction. I'm also going to take a look at some of the Fool's spiritual components. 

Upright Meaning

What I mean by that is the Fool is a primal driving force for starting something new in our path. When this shows up in the standard upright position, we're truly in the inspirational phase. I get really excited because this means we are getting ready to start something new whether it be in our careers, in our relationships, or our family environment. And to just be very honest, we're looking for resources to have that change. There's a tone of the unknown here. That's where we need to really step in and gain some knowledge. We feel very capable to take this idea on. If we look, we will find the right resources. We can use communication to find them too. Maybe we need to talk about how we feel and what we're thinking. This can lead to us building perspective around our subconscious needs. Or we need to take action, as in having trust that making a healthy change is only going to benefit us and those we love.

Reversed Meaning

Reversed this card is really interesting. Often, it's seen as being a little concerned about starting something, or not really being sure how to build from or make progress on an inspiring idea. Honestly, I always take a step back and look at it as risk vs wasted potential. A lot of time delays can come in when this card is reversed. There can be a lack of resources; you're not seeing a means to solve a problem. Lack of drive and motivation is another high-risk scenario with this. We often worry about what’s to come next and we can get too caught up in the worry and over-thinking. We can over-speculate to the point where we just don't have the motivation to problem-solve our way through it. All the inspiration and enthusiasm can be put on the back burner and it turns into just wishful thinking. I always suggest too that when you dig in deeper into this card, make sure to tune into your feelings and pay attention if a situation or a person doesn't feel safe. Especially in this whole beginning process, it's easy to lose concentration, and the possibilities turn into a time delay. This will turn into a state of flux and not really a beginning. 

The true purpose here is to have the confidence to bring the change you need into your life. A journey even if it's a small one that brings a small change, will have a big ripple effect in confidence. This is how we pull in more inspiration and bring balance by changing where we are now.

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