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Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

A figure contemplates seven large cups in front of him. Each cup holds something different inside it. Some of the contents look intriguing while others look downright dangerous.

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Upright Meaning

Before anything can be real, first it has to start out as an idea. The Seven of Cups speaks to all the ideas than can be created in the human mind, both good and evil. When you see this card in a reading, it suggests many choices are open to you, but you need to pick what you will focus on. What ideas are worth following through on to you? Don’t let yourself get distracted with all the other things that may be. Make sure that you are manifesting what it is you truly need.

7 of Cups Upright Keywords: choices to make, indecision, too many choices, distractions, keep your eyes on the prize

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

The Seven of Cups Reversed can go one of two ways depending on the surrounding cards. Either there will be a clear-cut decision made or the lack of focus will keep you stalled out indefinitely. Do your best to make a decision once and for all, relying on logic over emotion to keep going.

7 of Cups Reversed Keywords: decisive action, decisions made, smart choices, head over heart