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Two of Wands

Meaning of the Two of Wands Tarot Card

This card usually features a youth in some sort of high place, looking at the world spread out in front of them. They may be holding one of the two wands depicted in this card. Many times you will see a small globe in their other hand. We have another visual pun with the globe to indicate the whole world is in this young person’s hands. There’s so much potential and opportunity available to them. But they haven’t started on their journey to their end goal yet. They’re still enjoying the view.

Two of Wands Tarot Card Upright Meaning

When you see the 2 of Wands in a reading it indicates that a project of some kind is off to a very promising start. The road ahead of you is clear and you have the potential to take it as far as you’d care to. There is also an indication of caution in this card. This isn’t the Fool, ready to leap into the next adventure. This young person is pausing to take everything in before they set off.

2 of Wands Upright Keywords: Expanding your horizons, a good start, cautious optimism, ambition, goal setting

Two of Wands Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

Is this trip really necessary? Seeing the 2 of Wands reversed in a reading asks you to take a deeper look at some of the things you are starting or trips you are about to take. Do you know why you are taking on a project? Is your ambition misplaced? In your haste to climb up the ladder, make sure you have it leaning on the right wall.

2 of Wands Reversed Keywords: misplaced energy, over-ambitious, a rocky start, not factoring in all the obstacles, lack of thought or prudence