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Ten of Pentacles

Meaning of the Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card

An older man sits near a grand archway. A young family—mother, father, child—is visible in the background. There often will be dogs or other pets visible as well.

Ten of Pentacles Upright Meaning

Seeing the Ten of Pentacles in a reading is a sign that some level of material status has been achieved, enabling a person to pass something on. Sometimes that can be a material object, like an inheritance or family heirloom. Sometimes it can mean giving back in some way so that the ones that come after you will have an easier time of it. The upright Ten of Pentacles is generally taken to signify tradition, wealth, a family dynasty, or a strong relationship based on solid values of family and money 

10 of Pentacles Upright Keywords: family ties, legacies, inheritance, heirlooms, giving to the next generation

Ten of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

If you were expecting money, you may end up getting less than you thought you would or there will be a delay in receiving it. Money might be tight and there is an increased possibility of financial squabbles. Be very conscientious about how you are using your resources.

When the Ten of Pentacles appears reversed, and particularly you are asking about love, it suggests that you may have experienced the loss of a love that has great value. It could signify the lack of self-love, or the loss of a relationship that was put on a pedestal, such as an unrequited love, that is, a "grand illusion" of love that was not reciprocated. If this resonates with you, the Ten of Pentacles reversed is telling you that what you have lost is not the person you desire but something that fills you up on a spiritual level. With unrequited love, the 10 of Pentacles reversed suggests that you may have lost something of yourself that you must find again because when you do find it, you will find love again. The 10 of Pentacles reversed signifies the need to live thoroughly for your own benefit. In time and space, this is a moment where you are growing because you want to grow for yourself. It is the state of being of inner happiness, and it is the exact moment when that special person arrives because you are at that place where you can truly receive it. When you find this place, you will find that true love with another person.    

10 of Pentacles Reversed Keywords: squandering money, fights about money, financial problems, tightening your belt