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Four of Cups

The Four of Cups Meaning

A young man sits under a tree with a discontented look on his face. There are three cups in front of him, but he seems unaware (or is purposely ignoring) a cup being held out to him from the side.

Four of Cups Tarot Card Upright Meaning

The expression on the figure’s face says it all. This card indicates a feeling of dissatisfaction and apathy. You may be coming down hard from the high of something good, perhaps realizing you aren’t as happy as you thought you’d be. Don’t ignore that cup coming from the side though! There may be something good waiting for you to recognize it. Check to see if you are taking something (or someone one) for granted.

4 of Cups Upright Keywords: resentful, lack of gratitude, overlooking something vital, apathy

Four of Cups Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

Look at the surrounding cards to get a better idea of how to read this card reversed. It could mean coming out of your shell or shaking off a dark period in your life. Reconnecting with old friends might be a possibility too. However, this card might also indicate a deepening sense of sadness that can develop into depression.

4 of Cups Reversed Keywords: reconnecting, coming out of a funk, healing after an emotional hurt, depression