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Six of Pentacles

Meaning of the Six of Pentacles Tarot Card

A well-dressed man is handing out his riches freely to someone begging for alms. You will often see him holding a set of scales as well or see scales incorporated into the card’s design.

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Upright Meaning

The interesting thing about the Six of Pentacles is that it can be read with either the giver or receivers as the primary figure. Your question and the surrounding cards will help clarify which one to focus on. In general, this card speaks to how humanity is connected in general. Think of the saying, “It is as blessed to give as to receive”. Being a participant in a kindness enriches your soul, whichever role you are taking. If you are the giver in the card, you will find you have the resources to be there for someone you care about. If you are the receiver, you will find one of your needs met by a compassionate person.

6 of Pentacles Upright Keywords: generosity, charity, loans, compassion, gifts

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

It may take a little extra prying to get generosity to flow from one person to another when the Six of Pentacles is reversed. While help may be given, it may be given very grudgingly or with strings attached. Also, the recipient may not be 100% responsible or honest with how they use their newfound gift. There may be a demand to repay loans before you are ready, or some other financial demand that increases debt.

6 of Pentacles Keywords: begrudging others, grifters, con artists, going into debt