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Six of Swords

Meaning of the Six of Swords Tarot Card

A figure sits in a boat rowed by another person. Their eyes are on their destination across the sea.

Six of Swords Upright Meaning

Sometimes you have to put a little distance between yourself and a situation to really understand what is going on. You might have had something blocking you from leaving before but now you can move freely. Also note that it may not have been a physical shift bringing clarity, but a mental one. In either case, circumstances have made it easier to see things objectively.

6 of Swords Upright Keywords: leaving a bad situation, changing your attitude, distance brings clarity, time to reflect

Six of Swords Reversed Meaning

Something about a situation you were trying to leave just keeps pulling you back. Every time you think you understand the situation, something muddies the waters. You might be hoping that if you ignore a situation that it will resolve itself on its own. The Six of Swords reversed indicates that’s unlikely to happen. You need to decide which way your ship is headed, or the current might take you someplace you’d rather not be.

6 of Swords Reversed Keywords: stuck, “should I stay, or should I go?”, outside forces keep you from seeing clearly, ignoring a problem