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Card 20: The Judgement Tarot Card

The Judgement Tarot Meaning

This card often features an angel blowing a horn and people rising from the dead to hear the call. You may see some sort of heraldic image, like a flag, to denote the importance of this angelic messenger.

Judgement Upright Meaning

This card has some things in common with Justice, but the focus is often less on human ideas of law and more on spiritual law or consequences for your actions. All the things you have done and the choices you have made led you to this point, for good or bad, and there will be an obvious consequence to all of it. We get another visual pun here in that this card is meant as a wake-up call. Take the time to understand how what you’ve done got you to where you are and choose your next steps accordingly. The television show The Good Place has a lot of the same energy as this card.

Judgement Upright Keywords: a reckoning, chickens coming home to roost, consequences for actions, what goes around comes around

Judgement Reversed Meaning

Reversed, Judgement is about dodging the consequences of your actions, but you can’t run forever. Sooner or later things will catch up with you. You must make a decision about how you want to face up to the things that are dogging you. But make no mistake—you will be called to task eventually. There is a strong likelihood that delaying the inevitable will only make things worse. The movie I Know What You Did Last Summer has an extreme version of Judgement’s reversed energy.

Judgement Reversed Keywords: avoiding responsibility, denying the truth, delaying the inevitable