Card 21: The World

Meaning of The World Tarot Card

This card will often depict a person, usually nude, encircled by some sort of garland or symbol of victory while they float through the sky. Typically, there will be four symbols tucked into the corners—sometimes symbols of the evangelists in the Christian bible (an ox, an eagle, a lion, a man) or symbols of the suits of the minor arcana (cups, wands, swords, pentacles).

The World Upright Meaning

Seeing this card signifies achieving a long-desired goal. All the work you’ve done has paid off. Also, there may be additional rewards in other aspects of your life (spiritual, mental, emotional) that come along with attaining this goal. Enjoy the fruits of your labor before you start on your next journey. The end of the movie 9 to 5 finds the heroines in a place described by the energy of this card.

The World Upright Keywords: leveling up, goals accomplished, inner peace, abundant blessings, happy endings

The World Reversed Meaning

Something is stealing the bliss of The World card’s energy when you see it reversed. You may have achieved what you wanted but lost something along the way to accomplish it. There could have been an important lesson you overlooked or misinterpreted wildly in your journey towards success. You may want to review your path to see what you are missing. In the musical Wicked, when Galinda sings about how she couldn’t be happier, she also lets the audience know that success was not exactly what she thought it would be and cost more than she realized.

The World Reversed Keywords: pyrrhic victory, missing the big picture, no direction, no closure, empty achievement