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Moon Phases and Their Meaning | Psychic Source

Date 7/27/2021

The Power of the Moon: Channeling Moon Phases Meaning in Your Life

"The moon doesn't consider one phase better then the other, she just glows, equally stunning at each time. Why should we be any different." Cristen Rodgers

The phases of the moon don't just impact the ocean's tides. They also preside over the natural tides in our lives. When you attune yourself to the cyclical pull of the moon and become aware of the moons phases and their meaning, you can use its energy to guide the ebb and flow of your life. Feminine and mystical, the moon encourages you to renew yourself each month, and live in a continuous cycle of growth.

The moon changes all the time, working with her phases can reawaken our natural energetic flow, and can give us insight into the divine timing of events in our lives. When we connect with her cycles, we relax and stop forcing. We literally go with the flow. Life becomes more mystical and seems to have its own magical pace. Learning her steps helps us learn more about ourselves and how to realize our full potential in this life.

New Moon Phase Meaning – Beginning Anew: fresh starts and new beginnings

  • The moon and sun are on the same side of the earth
  • The new moon represents a clean slate. During the new moon you may feel anti-social and introverted for no reason. Pay attention to these feelings and embrace them.
  • The new moon means a blank canvass and a time to dream! Use this time for deep introspection. Take five minutes of quiet solitude. Think about what changes, gifts, or manifestations you would like to bring into your life.
  • Light a white candle for newness and clarity.
  • New moon question: What do I desire?

Waxing Crescent Phase of the Moon Meaningintention setting, developing new hopes and plans

  • The sun moves closer to the moon, illuminating a small part of it
  • The waxing moon represents intuition, hopes and wishes. Your intentions and desires are ready to be planted.
  • This a great time to create a list of three goals or manifestations you would like to bring into fruition. Put your list somewhere you can see it every day.
  • This moon phase offers up a great time to a cleanse. Use sage and palo santo to cleanse your home during meditation.
  • Waxing Crescent Moon question: What is my intuition telling me?

First Quarter Moon Phase Meaningfacing challenges, taking action to overcome obstacles and time to build

  • A quarter of the way through the cycle, the sun illuminates half of the moon
  • This is the time to act. Your intentions should be firmly grounded into you now. It is time to commit and build a solid plan of action to make things happen. The best way to handle this moon is to be flexible.
  • The theme of this moon is challenges, decisions and action. Choose one of your goals and commit to taking one action towards making it a reality in the next 24 hours.
  • 1st Quarter Moon question: What is needed to put my plans into action?

Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase Meaningrefining and adjusting intentions

  • The sky is brightly illuminated as the moon enters its final phase toward becoming full
  • During this phase of the moon it is time to keep working on your new moon intentions. Do not yield. Review your goals and readjust if need be but don't give up.
  • Themes surrounding this moon are adjustment, refining and editing. Don't resist the feelings of change in this moon. This is the perfect time to pull a tarot or oracle card and ask the universe for clear information on how to move forward.
  • Waxing Gibbous question: How can my plan be revised?

Full Moon Phase Meaningharvesting, sealing intentions and releasing what does not work

  • The sun and moon are on opposite sides of the earth and in opposing zodiac signs
  • The full moon represents harvest, celebration and gratitude. Emotions can run high during this period and it is so important not to get overly emotional or attached to anything during this phase. During the full moon be prepared to reap the benefits of the intentions you set during the new moon.
  • This is a great time to keep a gratitude journal that includes everything you've accomplished over the last two weeks.
  • Full Moon question: What am I ready to show the world?

Waning Gibbous Moon Phase Meaningexpressing gratitude

  • Illumination decreases as the sun and moon again move closer
  • The themes surrounding the moon are gratitude, sharing and enthusiasm. During this phase it is a perfect time to reflect, meditate and receive.
  • Use this time to release, cleanse and shed old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you and your highest intentions. During meditation light some incense; frankincense or myrrh to assist you in tuning into your inner wisdom.
  • Waning Gibbous question: How am I contributing to the greater good?

Last Quarter Moon Phase Meaningletting go and expressing forgiveness

  • Half of the moon is illuminated as it continues to wane
  • Release, surrender and let go! It is under this moon when it is best to let go of all grudges and release all anger.
  • A great practice during this moon is a cleanse of any kind. Clean out your closets, clutter or do a juice cleanse for a day. Allow creativity and growth to come in for the next month’s set of goals and intentions.
  • The last quarter moon is a great time for physical activity! Try a yoga class, go to the gym, and take a long nurturing walk in nature.
  • Last Quarter Moon question: What intentions would I like to change?

Waning Crescent Moon Phase Meaningsurrendering and recuperating

  • Only a fraction of the moon is visible as the sun and moon draw close
  • This moon is the end of the old cycle and the start of the approaching new one. This is a great time to detach from the world and rest. You may feel empty during this time. You have gone through an entire moon cycle and things have come and gone, willingly or not.
  • During this phase, just relax and surrender to the universe. Set no intentions.
  • Waning Crescent question: What do I need to release?

Lunar Eclipses Meaning

During a lunar eclipse, the moon passes through the earth's shadow and darkens. Total lunar eclipses turn the moon red.

Lunar eclipses draw deep emotions to the surface, and encourage us to dive down and commune with our darker side, examining things that might otherwise lie dormant or hidden.

Focus on self-love and self-care. Seek insights from a psychic to learn how you can best use this time.

Full Moon Names by Month

  • January: Wolf Moon, Old Moon, Ice Moon
  • February: Snow Moon, Storm Moon, Hunger Moon
  • March: Worm Moon, Sap Moon, Chaste Moon
  • April: Pink Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon
  • May: Flower Moon, Hare Moon, Milk Moon
  • June: Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, Hot Moon
  • July: Buck Moon, Thunder Moon, Hay Moon
  • August: Sturgeon Moon, Grain Moon, Green Corn Moon
  • September: Harvest Moon, Corn Moon, Barley Moon
  • October: Hunter's Moon, Travel Moon, Dying Grass Moon
  • November: Beaver Moon, Frost Moon
  • December: Cold Moon, Oak Moon, Long Night Moon

Interesting Facts about the Moon

  • The moon completes its cycle every 29.5 days. Each phase lasts about 7.4 days.
  • The word “lunatic” comes from the Latin luna, or moon, because people were believed to act strangely during the full moon
  • Not all full moons are the same size. The moon is 14% larger when it's at its closest point to the earth.

Dancing with the moon's cycles to set goals, create intentions and plan your work and life allows you to stop striving so much and relax into the natural ebb and flow of your own cycle. Learn more about how you can use moon phase astrology to empower your growth. Seek insights from one of the many gifted psychics on Psychic Source for a personalized evaluation of how you can channel the current moon's phase in astrology powerfully in your life.

Blessings and gratitude,

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