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The Day of Light 2021 - A Summer Solstice Meditation

Date 3/24/2023
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The 2021 Summer Solstice arrives in all its bright and beaming glory on June 20th at 11:32 pm EDT inspiring us to activate and expand our most abundant inner light. The Summer Solstice is the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere and traditionally marks the longest day of the year in which we receive the most amount of daylight, aka The Day of Light. This is the closest to the sun that we will be all year, a moment in which we are literally bathed in the sun’s light.

Infuse Yourself With The Sun's Light

After the Summer Solstice, the days become shorter and the nights become longer reminding us of the cyclical nature of our ever-evolving selves and of the patterns in our lives. The Summer Solstice is a celebratory return to light, an invitation to experience our own inner warmth and project it outward. The warm, abundant, glowing sun asks us to reflect on the seeds we planted in the spring and welcome them to emerge with their fullest, brightest force.

During this celebratory cycle of growth, we witness the sun at its most bold, bright, and triumphant, inspiring us to ask ourselves, “What is it that I am proud of?” Consider the ways you have self-actualized since the dead of winter and how you can sustain the blossoms of the spring into a warm, steady presence. In Latin, solstice translates to “sun standing still.” Take this sacred day to bathe in your own warmth and glory, to infuse yourself with the light of the sun and to expand it outward onto that which you wish to illuminate.

What within you deserves to be seen, recognized, and even praised?

What or who is standing in the way of your light?

Check in with the most vital and fierce parts of yourself. Listen to their call and power. Allow yourself to use your light not only to shine, but also to destroy whatever within you needs to be burned away. Allow the sun to illuminate the parts of you that are ready to disintegrate and embolden the parts that are ready to shine. There is so much power in standing in our most authentic and impassioned light, to be guided by our courage and not by our fear, to allow ourselves a moment in the spotlight.

Mind Your Ego

The sun, the center of our solar system not only reminds us of our light, but also serves as a warning to not inflate our ego to damaging proportions. While accessing and shining our light is a beneficial practice, it is also essential we stay mindful of the ways our egos show up in these moments of self-praise. Ask yourself,

How can I use my light and gifts to uplift others?

Whose presence deserves a moment in the spotlight?

Whose contributions often go unnoticed?

We all have different degrees of comfort in expressing our talents. The spotlight comes easier to some than others. Take this moment to not only praise yourself, but also to uplift those around you who deserve to be recognized. It serves no one to center our own egos. When we work to uplift the talents of the collective, we all shine.

The Astrology of the Summer Solstice

This Summer Solstice comes amidst some of the most intense astrology of the year. On the day of the Summer Solstice, the sun makes its annual ingress into the sign of Cancer and Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion begins a retrograde cycle. Take this moment to check in on the most tender inner parts of yourself. Ask yourself...

What does it look like to nurture your light in ways that feel both protective yet expansive?

How can you take up the space you deserve while simultaneously protecting yourself from those who impede your growth and expansion?

Just last week, on June 14th, Saturn, the planet of boundaries and limitations, made a difficult connection to Uranus, the planet of rebellion and disruption. This planetary aspect occurred once before this year on February 17th and will show up yet again on December 24th. These 3 key alignments this year show us the areas of life in which our boundaries and limitations need to be re-assessed.

What structures in our lives need to be torn down so we can build something more stable in their place?

What patterns need to be revolutionized?

With Saturn square Uranus we are called to reconsider the ways we have traditionally done things in the past. We are in a moment of radical disruption that we simply cannot ignore. We can witness this planetary energy on both a macro and micro scale, within our larger society as well as within ourselves. Take note of how this is coming up in your own life, as this energy is potent all year.

A Time For New Beginnings

Not only are we experiencing a radical disruption this year, but we also witnessing powerful new beginnings. On June 10th, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini showed us what this new beginning is all about. Consider what new ideas were coming to your mind at this time or even to fruition. Assess what it is that you are hungry for in this moment and what your mind is craving, even if this question may still seem difficult to discern.

Since May 20th, we have been floating within a confusing and obscuring fog. This is because Mercury, the planet of messages and communication has been retrograding and squaring Neptune, the planet of the imagination and dreams. This combination of planetary energy creates a difficult terrain to navigate. We are not seeing clearly and are struggling to take decisive action. We may have been feeling as though our mental space is clouded, we can’t seem to execute on our ideas or even properly articulate them.

While this configuration is often frustrating, it has also been a powerful time to incubate our ideas and to allow our imaginations to run wild. In just a few days, on June 22nd, the fog will begin to lift, and we are better able to see the direction we are headed. Allow the light of the solstice to illuminate your imagination.

Consider what dreamy thoughts have floated into your mind since late May and explore the wild visions that have crossed your mind.

With all the potent planetary energies present, remember that today is a day to recognize your talents, to allow yourself some space to shine and to soak up the light of sun. I invite you to responsibly be the center of your own solar system and practice the act of expansion rather than diminishing. Serve your purest light and not your ego, connect to your vitality and hold steady your light. Remember as we praise the sun’s glory today, that you are also worth celebrating.


Author's Photo Meet the Author Psychic Luna x4681

Luna is a multi-modality intuitive medium and Relationship Coach who combines spiritual insight with practical teachings to offer you support and guidance. She earned her Master’s in Communication Studies in 2016 and has since been certified as a Reiki practitioner as well as a Relationship & Life Coach. She has been studying astrology for 10 years and enjoys combining this guidance in combination with tarot, energy work and pragmatic communication skills.


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