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Can You Be Both Fierce and Gentle?

Date 9/18/2021

Do you feel like a lion or a lamb? With the right balance you can be both.

Do you feel like a lion or a lamb? With the right balance you can be both.

Ferocity and gentleness may seem like opposites, but these can actually be two sides of the same coin. Taking care of yourself and those you love takes a little of both. You must learn to fiercely defend what's important to you yet also gently nurture those things that are growing. The same goals benefit from your fierceness and gentle nature at once. Learn how to nourish both your fierce side and your gentler nature.

What Does It Mean to Be Fierce?

Acting in a fierce manner doesn't necessarily equate to being aggressive. Fierceness is a form of intensity. Think about how you're manifesting your fierce side. Are you allowing anger and violence to creep in, or are you fiercely devoted to calm, nonviolent resolutions? 

You can fiercely defend your beliefs with well-chosen words or purposeful actions that cause harm to no one and focus on bringing about the greatest good for all. Approach fierceness as a type of dedication and steadfastness rather than a form of frustration.

What Does It Mean to Be Gentle?

Gentleness does not mean weakness. You can be gentle and extremely powerful and strong. Acting in a gentle manner simply means that you're careful of others and mindful of causing any harm. You can approach an individual gently without compromising what you believe or becoming "soft." Gentleness is simply a compassionate and thoughtful way to handle an individual or situation.

Combining Fierceness and Gentleness

You can be both fierce and gentle in the same situation. Mothers provide a perfect example, both in the animal kingdom and among humans. It's in a mother's nature to nurture her young gently while guarding them fiercely. 

You can apply this approach to any aspect of your life, though it often requires careful contemplation. Speaking with a live psychic may help you find the best and most balanced approach. A psychic can also help you see whether you need to stoke your fierce fire or nourish your gentler nature.

How to Be Gentle and Fierce

Act in a gentle and fierce manner by balancing the gentle yin of self-compassion with the action-oriented yang of moving forward with strength and ferocity. You may gently nurture yourself after a traumatic experience while fiercely sharing your story and pursuing legal action against those who wronged you. You can fiercely share a message of conservation while gently nurturing your garden. There is a balance to everything. If you're struggling to find the right approach or equilibrium, a tarot reading might give you some intriguing insights.

You don't have to choose between acting fierce or being gentle. With the right approach, you can be both. This allows you to defend what's important to you against any harm while gently nurturing it and helping it to grow. Strengthen both your yin and yang sides for the most powerful self-growth.


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intothemystic: Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength. - Saint Francis de Sales

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