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9 Happiness Hacks for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Date 4/22/2024
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Making time for extra laughs and mindful self-care can make all the difference in accessing true happiness.

Making time for extra laughs and mindful self-care can make all the difference in accessing true happiness.

We're all striving for happiness, but sometimes it feels more like a chase than a reasonable goal. When the going gets tough and you're feeling stuck in your low energy, there are several personal happiness techniques you can try to help bring yourself back to your full power. From quick self-care rituals for mental and spiritual rejuvenation to physiological treatments and exercises, you can do a lot to feed your soul as well as your body. Here are nine happiness hacks for your mind, body, and spirit that you can try the next time you're feeling blue.

Be Aware of Your Posture

One of the easiest ways to hack your way to more consistent happiness is to correct your posture. It's easy to slip into slouching, as this makes us feel comfortable. But sitting and standing up straight and holding your head high will inspire joy to rise through you. Pretend that there's a silver thread pulling you up from the tip of your head, and allow your shoulders to relax while keeping your head high.

Take a Moment for Mindfulness

Mindfulness can help with many spiritual efforts, but it's especially helpful when seeking more joy. Take some extra time to be mindful over the next few weeks, pausing to take in all of the wonders around you. Focus on accessing all of your senses, and allow yourself to feel grateful for the sun on your skin, cheerful at the scent of fresh flowers, and comforted at the sight of the beauty in your surroundings.

Get Some Energy Healing

If you're open to pampering yourself with a specialty treatment, consider an energy healing session. Many holistic joy practices can help you be mindful of your happiness and carry it out in everything you do. Allow a professional energy healer to assess your energy flows and open your chakras using a soothing massage. You can even try Reiki, where a healer will channel the Universe's energy directly into you.

Mix Up a Mood-Boosting Playlist

Music feeds the soul, and there are few better ways to boost your happiness than by listening to your favorite tunes. To maximize your potential for a mood boost, create a special playlist to increase your happiness. Add songs that you can't help but sing along or dance to, as this will connect your body to your mind and create a comprehensive experience of joy. No matter which genre is your favorite, you can access your untapped joy by treating your ears to a playlist that makes you smile.

Connect With Nature

It's no secret that being in nature brings healing and happiness. Take some time to connect with nature more mindfully when you're feeling down in the dumps, and you'll be sure to notice results. This can be as simple as taking a walk or adding some fresh flowers or new houseplants to your living space. If you have a yard or live near a public outdoor space, try meditating outside to connect more deeply with nature and let it bring the peace and joy you've been craving.

Let Yourself Laugh

Laughing has a strong effect on the body and can help you relax and welcome happiness in. Everyone's laughter is triggered by different things, whether it's a favorite comedian, a silly TV show, or a comedic movie that you watch over and over again. Try engaging with some media that's sure to make you laugh, and notice how much happier you feel afterward.

Additionally, you can find laughter in community when spending time with your loved ones. Make some extra time to hang out with your best friends or to spend some quality time with your partner. By sharing laughs with people you love, you'll prepare yourself for happiness to flow between you, boosting everyone's mood in the process.

Try Havening Therapy

Havening therapy is one of the most innovative methods for reducing stress and sadness. This involves tapping your fingers on different areas of your body, beginning at the collarbone. As you tap lightly on your collarbone, think about something that brings you joy, and look straight ahead while opening and closing your eyes. Next, move your eyes around in a circle while still tapping, and stop tapping only when you finish looking both clockwise and counter-clockwise. 

After this, you'll cross your arms and move them gently up and down, stroking your arms while you close your eyes. When you let your arms drop and open your eyes, look to the left and right a few times, closing your eyes one final time and stroking your arms again. After finishing this ritual, you can assess how you're feeling. You just might find that you're feeling happier and less stressed.

Stretch and Sigh With Yoga

Yoga is known for its healing effects, especially in terms of relaxation. This is an exceptional way to center yourself and bring some joy back into your life. Research some yoga poses that have mood-boosting properties, and allow yourself to stretch and breathe deeply during your session. Whether you complete your yoga at home alone or in a class filled with others, you'll be sure to feel happier and more peaceful when you're done.

Be Kind to Yourself

One of the most important things to remember when trying to lead a happier life is that you can't force happiness. Sometimes, the heaviness around us will persist and leave us feeling down, even after trying actively to boost our moods. If any of these methods for improving your happiness don't work for you, be kind to yourself and give yourself what you need to feel comfortable and heal. Remember, you can always try again tomorrow, and feeling unhappy right now doesn't mean you'll never feel happy.

If you're sitting around and wondering, "How can I improve my happiness?" don't wait to follow the call to feed your spirit, body, and mind. Try one of these happiness hacks to get in touch with your inner joy and support your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. When you nourish all parts of yourself, you'll notice a difference in the way you feel, as you'll be open to more happiness, peace, and growth. When you want some extra guidance on your spiritual journey, speak with a Psychic who can help you figure out the best activities to boost your happiness.


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