Unblock Your Throat Chakra to Be a Better Communicator

Published Date 8/13/2015
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Your throat chakra is the key to better communication

Your chakras can reveal so much about your overall health and wellbeing. Since each chakra is linked to a specific part of your system, an issue with one of your chakras can be a sign of certain physical, mental, or emotional health problems. Read on to learn what a blocked throat chakra means and how to make it right again.

How a Blocked Throat Chakra Can Affect You

Try as you might, do you feel as though you’re constantly misunderstood or ignored? Do you struggle to be heard? If you often find yourself clearing your throat before speaking, sensing your thoughts and emotions get caught in your throat, or choking your emotions back, this is a sign that your throat chakra is blocked.

As you might guess, your throat chakra resides in your throat. Due to its location, it regulates all forms of communication, which an experienced clairvoyant can explain in detail. A healthy throat chakra contributes to positive communication and clear expression within yourself and with the world around you. A balanced throat chakra also leads to openness and truth with yourself and those around you.

A blocked, closed, or unhealthy throat chakra contributes to a host of problems. If your throat chakra isn’t regulated properly, your manner of speaking may come across as confused, or you may have a tendency to dominate conversations. On the other end of the spectrum, you may come across as overly shy, and you may lose the ability to express yourself truthfully or openly. I’ve you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, rest assured that you can take several steps to address your blocked throat chakra.

Clear Your Throat With Blue Energy 

This is more of an exercise in visualization rather than using an actual liquid substance. To do this, turn down the lights to minimize distractions around you and envision a blue glow. Relax by inhaling and exhaling slowly, then prepare yourself to communicate effectively. Imagine an important conversation you’ll have later that day, and practice what you’ll say and how you’ll say it. Focus on your throat, and envision blue energy pouring in to clear your chakra. 

Wear Blue

Since the throat chakra is linked with a greenish-blue hue, wearing this color can help you refocus on this chakra. There’s no need to wear head-to-toe blue or sport an odd combination of colors, though. Select a flattering blue dress, a greenish blue hat, or even a smart teal brooch to reign in positive energy for more open communication. 

Use Gemstones

Those who have experience with crystals understand the power that gemstones can hold. When you want to unblock your throat chakra, focus on an appropriately colored stone like turquoise. Be sure to wear it as a necklace or position a turquoise pin near your throat for maximum effect.

Using one or more of these methods, you can unblock your throat chakra and regain your ability to communicate clearly and express yourself openly. An online psychic reading can help you work through lingering communication problems.


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