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Using Energy Clearing to Assist in Soul Contracts by Psychic Portia

Date 12/20/2018

Release the energy to clear your chakras!

Release the energy to clear your chakras!

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Energy healing is a very important aspect of emotional care taking. When you go through powerful experiences these emotions are energy that sometimes, if left unprocessed, can hang around your energy body causing discord to be manifested in your 3D reality. 

When we have reoccurring patterns throughout our lifetime (continually being abandoned, rejected, betrayed, taken advantage of, etc.) this the way the universe shows us an aspect of ourselves that needs to be healed. The bright side of all of this is we have all the tools within ourselves to clear these blockages!

Karmic Contracts
By using our intention, we can purposely go through each chakra using our energy to actively clear it, along with any cord or energetic ties we have with anyone else. If you choose, you may cut cords with anyone you've ever been attached to (it's a great way to help move past karmic relationships) with the exception of a Twin Flame connection. Where karmic contracts are meant to end and go bad if kept around too long, Twin Flame contracts are meant for eventual Divine Union, and come with an unbreakable connection. 

Cutting the Cord
If you cut a karmic cord and use energy clearing to clear your chakra, you set yourself to move ahead in your life path, effectively clearing a space for a better connection to come along. When you clear your Twin Flame cords, since you are so connected, you are removing negative emotions that are most likely causing havoc on your path to union. When your cords are clear with your twin, you are ensuring that not only is all your energy with yourself, but that your twin is not confusing your left-over energy for a different person who may be with them in the 3D.  It can be scary thinking of your twin with a karmic partner, not realizing they're feeling your high vibration from afar and mistaking it for the lower vibrational being in front of them. 

In my personal experience, clearing my Twin Flame cords, specifically on the heart and solar plexus chakras, was what really propelled my union back with my twin. Many clients I have shared this information with have reported almost instant contact from their twin after cord clearing. When your channels to your twin are clear you can process emotion more effectively, therefor creating an environment that is conducive to nurturing unconditional love. 

Use Your Intention and Release the Energy
My recommendation is dedicating time each night using your intention to clear all seven of your major chakras. Really take the time to think about the emotions you felt throughout the day in regards to which chakras they're associated with, feel them to the fullest (both the good and the bad), and then release them from your energy body. If you have emotions you know are tied to a specific person, you can actively clear those and cut the cord if need be. 

Please remember, manifestations in the 3D still require appropriate action. You can clear energy all day long but if you immediately reach out to a person you have cut cords with then you will just reactivate these negative emotions as time goes on. Hopefully this information will assist you on your path to being in a relationship of unconditional love!

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Sandy1016: I think my ex is my twin flame from what I have read in regards to our very first meeting. We were together many years ago n them again in 2015 but unfortunately we are apart again. The break up was HORRIBLE he has said many hurtful things. But I do love him and miss him and I want to clear out. Negative energy and go on the path to a reunion in our relationship that will be unbreakable and forever. Is this something you can teach me or show me or do for me? I'm beginning to think it will never happen. Can you help ?

Snhoward79: Do you specialize is readings in regards to twin flames?

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