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Healing with Affirmations by Psychic Rosemarie

Date 4/24/2024
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One way you can use healing affirmations is by repeating them in front of a mirror.

One way you can use healing affirmations is by repeating them in front of a mirror.

I have been in a bit of a sandstorm these past few months. Moving across the country, and changing careers while simultaneously analyzing my personality and destiny. Have you ever been there? Overwhelmed and feeling like life just catapulted you into a whole new direction?

I've been a real-life over-thinker most of my life, until I realized that the only way to combat the over-thinking was to bring my focus down, deep into my soul. Meditation and self-healing affirmations are what I turned to when I couldn’t quite see the light. I am grateful for the messages I received that have encouraged me to be me, to be authentic, and to share my love and light with others. I am proud of myself for taking a risk and walking forward in these changes because I wouldn't be working for Psychic Source if I hadn't.

As I was saying, to be completely honest, getting here took a lot of mental and spiritual self-care, at first. I thought I lost myself, for a minute. Like many of us, I fell down after the craziness of 2020 and my thoughts became my enemies, full of doubt and fear of the “new”. Most of us just wanted to return to the “old”.

Connect with Your Guides

During one of my meditations, I finally felt some relief when I remembered that everything is still going according to plan. That this co-created reality is our thoughts that are manifesting right now, as a collective. I am a part of it, just as much as you are. So, with a little support from my guides and time to focus on what was really important, I had a chance to reconnect with my own beautiful soul. My guides, who I believe I am connected to for a lifetime, reminded me of the light that I encountered when going through a near-death experience.

I was reminded of my purpose. To walk side by side, out of the darkness with other beautiful souls. We are meant to ignite the magic, love, joy within one another and collectively unite and bring the vibration of this planet up to clear the negativity and struggle. I believe through the power of our thoughts, valuing our intuition, and finding purpose in our life paths, we can elevate this world into a higher happier lighter love filled dimension.

We all are enrolled in an informal school called “life.” Since the first day out of the womb, just upon leaving the spirit world and entering into this physical one, we have become students. Learning and growing through processes of trial, error, and experimentation. Each day we are given opportunities to grasp the lessons, that when completed, we evolve and then, hopefully, elevate and gain wisdom through. If we are unable to learn from certain life experiences; this school called life will make us repeat the course until the lesson being taught is absorbed and lesson learned.

We come in with specific areas of study and our lives circulate around those lessons until what was meant to be realized has made its connection to the student's soul. I am currently studying my mind and how my thoughts translate to energy, to emotion then to actions, and sometimes turn into behaviors that manifest into a physical form. My mind creates my reality. My mind dictates my health, both mental and physical.

Our Minds Are Powerful

Author Byron Katie says “A thought is harmless unless we believe it. It’s not our thoughts, but our attachment to our thoughts, that causes suffering. Attaching to a thought means believing that it’s true, without inquiring. A belief is a thought that we’ve been attaching to, often for years.”

So, I woke up this morning, took a nice shower, cleansed myself of insecurity and doubt, and rubbed gratitude all over my body. I looked in the mirror and claimed my strength and readiness for a new day. I took some time to review the lessons I was taught during the chaos that 2020 created in my life, I now am opening my eyes to this beautiful view with limitless possibilities. I'm human, just like you. I am aware of the areas I am still growing. I have an inner critic and an ego that I contend with, too.

I listen to Louise Hayes recordings daily in an effort to create a happy, optimistic, persevering mindset. I am selective with my environment and the thoughts that I attach myself to. I choose to limit watching the news, I don't choose to watch any forms of violence, hate, or negativity on television. I spend a significant amount of time in nature and studying the stars. I actively maintain my vibration through positive thinking.

I have to go back to the fact that self-affirmations have really been transformative for me and my clients, specifically Louise Hayes'. She has many, many guided meditations full of self-healing affirmations. I highly recommend her book "How to heal your life" This book shares a step-by-step guide on how to use repeated affirmations and includes an A-Z guide with physical symptoms/illnesses and the affirmation that can reprogram the mind according to the area of discomfort. This book walks you through how to change your beliefs, to create healing, peace, and abundance in your life. 

5 Simple Ways to Use Healing Affirmations

You can use healing affirmations in a variety of ways. If you need help identifying affirmations, you can find some positive affirmations here.  These are some of my favorite ways of putting positive affirmations into practice:

Mirror Work

Stand in front of the mirror and look into your own eyes. Choose an affirmation that reflects the area of life you wish to improve. Repeat the affirmation in the mirror 30 times, or so. Notice the feelings that come up, bodily sensations, eye contact, and inner dialogue. Commit to repeating this affirmation in the mirror daily either first thing in the morning or right before bed for 21 days (three weeks).


Take an affirmation and write it down on a sheet of paper from front to back. Then write the same affirmation over and over again each morning, noon or night for 21 days.

Red Light Repeat

Write your affirmation on a sticky note and put it in your car where you can easily read it. Every time you reach a stop sign or a red light repeat your affirmation to yourself. (Just remember to still pay attention to the road/traffic please!)

Guided Meditation

Louise Hayes has many guided meditations that you can listen to online. Or you can make a recording yourself. Listen to them at night, on repeat, so your subconscious mind has a chance to absorb them.

Affirmation Alarm

Set an alarm on your phone or smart speaker to the same time every day with your affirmation attached to it. Or you can even reach out to a friend or significant other and ask them to text you your affirmation every so often.

These are just a few suggestions on how to use self-healing affirmations to change your health, wealth, and self-esteem. I am my own mini cheerleader, building myself up with praise and self-healing affirmations. I thank my inner critic for being there in attempts to protect me, but I only attach myself to the positive thoughts. My purpose in this life is to explore love, spirituality, and connection through wholehearted service. Right now, I feel like I am doing that by sharing this with you.

There may not be a ton of people who would be open to hearing about how thoughts create our reality in this physical world. Or how thoughts turn into actions and behaviors into patterns and eventually they all create our reality. But, it's true. Try an affirmation exercise for 21 days and see if it doesn't alter that area of your life.

We All Have The Power to Manifest

We all have the power to manifest with intentionality, love, and connection. By examining the strengths and barriers we have in this life, we have the opportunity through awareness to eliminate unproductive behavioral thought patterns and issues around identity to assert positive changes in our life. This can be a form of manifesting what you want in life if done consciously. Claiming the life you desire and knowing your life purpose can bring you to a place where you discover yourself, and live out your dreams. We can get this simply by doing affirmation work.

Maybe you want to manifest the chance to meet your soul mate, raise children, reclaim your individuality, travel, run your own business, or share your experiences with others. Take on life's lessons with enthusiasm and confidence! This earth is not our permanent home; however, it is connected to our soul and our soul to our mind. So, when someone finds their light and the answers to questions they struggle with in this life, it is like witnessing a miracle. And to be part of that process has been an honor for me. 

I’m here to love, to serve, to motivate, to learn. I know the universe has led me to connect with you on this path for a reason. If my message resonates with you and you feel intuitively guided to speak with me, don't hesitate to reach out.

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Rosemarie is an astrologer, Reiki practitioner, and intuitive psychic with a passion for metaphysical healing in all forms. Certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, Neurolinguistics Programming Practitioner, and Life Coach. After having a near-death experience in 2018, her psychic gifts elevated, and she went into advising full-time.


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