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Connect With Your Inner Child: Find Ways To Cultivate Joy

Date 4/29/2024
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Connecting to your inner child can allow you to heal and experience joy.

Connecting to your inner child can allow you to heal and experience joy.

Your inner child resides within you at all times, though you may feel disconnected from this part of your subconscious. Connecting to your inner child can allow you to heal from past pains and experience more joy in your adult life. This guide will answer the question, "How do I release my inner child?" so you can move forward with self-love, compassion, and understanding.

What Is Your Inner Child?

Even when your childhood feels like a distant memory, your inner child remains a part of you. Your inner child may hold many thoughts, emotions, and experiences, ranging from positive memories to painful moments. As you go through your adult life, your inner child may rise to the surface at times, informing your decisions in the present moment. That's why you might still get excited and reach for your wallet whenever you hear an ice cream truck, for example.

Amid the commitments and responsibilities of adult life, however, it's easy to become disconnected from your inner child as you get older. When you actively work to connect to your inner child again, you can:

  • Experience more joy: Children have the innate ability to laugh and play, and they don't shy away from engaging in lighthearted fun and silliness. Reconnecting with your playful side can allow you to experience this joy in your life again.
  • Build your self-worth: People often carry childhood issues of low self-esteem into adulthood. By finding ways to connect to your inner child, you can begin to heal those wounds and build your self-worth, viewing yourself as someone worthy of love and compassion.
  • Understand yourself better: If you've ever wondered why you think or act a certain way, it might have to do with your inner child. Connecting to this part of your subconscious can allow you to develop a deeper self-awareness, empowering you to grow into the most authentic version of yourself.

Ways To Reconnect With Your Inner Child

Does your inner child feel very, very far away most days? That's OK. With some joyful spiritual practices, you can reconnect with your inner child, embrace playfulness, and work toward healing. Try some of these activities for inner child healing and joy.

Be Creative

Children often use creativity as a means of self-expression. Tap into a creative outlet that brings you joy and fulfills a desire inside you. Don't worry about trying to be perfect. Instead, allow yourself to enjoy the process of creating. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Learn to play a musical instrument.
  • Decorate a space in your home, such as a desk or a closet.
  • Bake a new recipe.
  • Create some artwork, such as a sketch or a painting.
  • Take up knitting or crocheting.
  • Write a poem or a short story.
  • Make a friendship bracelet.
  • Experiment with makeup to try a new-to-you technique or look.

Find Time To Play

Adulthood comes with many responsibilities, but that doesn't mean you can't find opportunities to play. Think about what you loved to do as a child. Did you enjoy making up new games? Did you hold dance parties with your friends? Did you play frisbee with your dog? Whatever the activity, take some time to engage in lighthearted fun. When you find opportunities for joy and silliness, it's an important reminder that you don't need to take life so seriously all the time.

Interact With Children

What better way to bring out your inner child than by surrounding yourself with children? If you have kids of your own, find intentional ways to play and laugh with them. For example, you might host a family game night or build a fort together in the living room. As you play with your children, you not only help them grow, but you also allow yourself to remember what it's like to be a child.

If you don't have children, volunteer to babysit for your friends or relatives. They'll be grateful for your support, and you'll get to spend a few hours playing and having fun like a kid again.

Laugh More

Laughter can be an instant pick-me-up, immediately making you more joyful. If you're feeling disconnected from your inner child, find ways to laugh more. Browse funny TikTok videos, watch your favorite rom-com, or invite a friend to go to a local comedy show. Actively encourage yourself to laugh more as an expression of joy. Give yourself bonus points if you laugh so hard that you cry or get a belly ache.


Meditation can be a great way to get in touch with your inner child. During your meditation practice, consider some childhood memories that resonate with you in your adult life. Tap into the feelings and emotions you have surrounding those memories and how they affect you in the present. You can also imagine yourself interacting with your inner child. Consider what your inner child needs from you today, such as love or compassion.

Write a Letter

What do you wish you could go back and tell your younger self? Write it down in a letter to your inner child. This practice can be a useful tool for healing scars you've carried with you into adulthood. In your letter, write words of encouragement and share the life lessons you've learned. As you write, allow yourself to acknowledge past hurts and offer self-compassion, reflecting on the path you've walked and how far you've come.

Keep a Diary

If you prefer, you can also write about your inner child in a journal. As you write, ask yourself questions to learn more about your inner child. For example, you might ask yourself why a specific childhood memory brings back such strong emotions today. Don't hold back, and allow yourself to journal about your pain, struggles, and joy. Through this practice, you can make insightful connections between your inner child and the person you've become today.

Are you still working to show your inner child some love? Schedule a reading with an empathic Psychic Source Advisor who can offer intuitive insights into how your past connects to your present and future. We're here to offer helpful guidance as you reconnect with your inner child, heal past wounds, and move forward with clarity and confidence.


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