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Smudging - The Power of Clearing Negative Energy through Nature's Gift by Psychic Lacey

Date 4/18/2024
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Smudging is one of the most powerful ways to clear negative energy by using gifts from nature. Nature is one of the most magical modalities that healers use to clear negative energies within a home, office space, land, or person. These negative energies or spaces create toxic blockages that are not supportive of the well-being of people and places.

One of the best ways to clear negative energy is through the process of smudging also known as burning sage or incense. Burning sage is known to release negative ions which in turn releases any negative energies while simultaneously expelling happy endorphins. Burning sage has also become the norm in clearing negative energy from people’s auric or energy fields.

The most powerful way to clear a long build-up of energy is to use sage in combination with setting clear intentions from your heart for the higher good of all. This combination will enforce and activate the Cosmic and Earthly Forces to support you, resulting in the positive outcome of true healing and clearing.

History of Smudging

The History of Smudging

Smudging has a powerful history used mostly by Indigenous people in ceremonies to clear and heal. Research has shown that native healers and shamans use smudging to not just clear energy but simultaneously to heal and send prayers to the Creator of all humankind. Smudging is used as a highly spiritual form which has become very sought after, however, this has created an influx of non-believers who do not understand the practice of the sacred energy of smudging. Negative energy is not for the untrained or faint-hearted. Unfortunately, in many cases, certain places that once felt safe and natural also attracted spirits that dwell the earth. Therefore, when spirits are present, it is always best to ensure you have a trained and qualified person to safely clear the energy.

Six Benefits of Smudging

  1. Clears negative energy.
  2. Improves health.
  3. Improves sleeping.
  4. Clears the air.
  5. Clears energy from objects and surfaces.
  6. Increases energy and relaxes the person.

How To Properly Sage a House

Now you are probably wondering how to sage your house from negative energy. Sage is the most important part of clearing a space. Before a person starts to clear the energy, it is important to note rooms that may energetically feel heavy or dark as it is a sign that they accumulate more negative energy. It is important to use proper clearing in these darker rooms and the focus should be to sage the corners of each room as negative energies accumulate more in the corners. Intention of clearing needs to be set before one begins. Positive prayers and invocations while performing the clearing enhances the clearing power. Examples of those invocations will be shared throughout the article below. 

The best way to get started is to purchase a special container to place your sage in such as an Abalone shell or to use a smudge sage bundle. Please ensure safety by burning the incense and then blowing it out, leaving the smoke to fill each room. Do be mindful for pieces of sage that might break off and be aware that it is possible to trigger a fire alarm in your home if you overdo it. Based on my personal experience, I prefer to use sage on windy days as the wind naturally and quickly clears out the remnants of the negative energy and the strong smells.

Smudging Your House with Sage

Sage Clearing Process

When your house is built over many floors, start to sage from the top to bottom of your home. Keep all windows closed and start with the smudging process going from room to room, level to level. Once you have successfully done all the rooms then you can start to open all the windows and doors again starting from the top to the bottom of the home to clear and remove the last of any stagnant energies.

Using Black Tourmaline Crystals and Sage Oil for Additional Protection

I always add additional protection like placing Black Tourmaline crystals in the corners of rooms for psychic protection and to ensure the longevity of a clear and balanced space. The Black Tourmaline crystals also will provide a cloak of protection against energy vampires  and any other negative energies.

After performing a very deep cleanse of your home using smudging with sage, and Black Tourmaline crystals, top it off with sage oil. The best way is to bless and anoint all windowsills and doors with the intention to protect the space from any negative forces.

Invocation - Positive Affirmation to Clear the Energy of a Property or Land

Use the following invocation before you start with the process of clearing your home, land, or body with sage. 

“I acknowledge all energy and with this sage, I clear this land, this home, every room and every corner of this room and I bless it with love, light, blessings, peace, abundance, harmony, joy, and laughter. I see how all negative emotions, thoughts, feelings, and stuck energies current and those energies of people who have lived here before and the energy of the land and see how it is all released and dissolved. This space is now supportive of my energetic auric field and the highest vibration has manifested. I thank the energy and the nature spirit of the sage for this clearing."

Smudging with Sage

How to Smudge a Person

When in the process of clearing a home, it is especially important to clear those who live there as well. Negative energy accumulates within a person, their energetic bio-magnetic field (known more commonly as their aura) and their chakras. It is especially important to set healthy intentions before starting to clear a person.

We always focus on the clearing of the chakras and the Auric fields by starting the smudging process with sage from the crown chakra to the root chakras in the front and then from the root chakras to the crown chakras at the back of the person. My advice is that it is always better to perform this healing ritual in nature, as all energies can be returned to Mother Earth to be transformed by her. Many healers believe that when the person that is being smudged inhales some of the incense that it speeds up the internal healing process of the Body/Mind/Soul constellation. Positive invocations will accelerate the clearing process, and it will reinforce the positive and high vibration energetic field around them.

A person will often feel exceptionally light and clear minded after a clearing session. Shamans or Indigenous healers believe that using smudging smoke over the ear area results in better hearing, over the eyes it results in better eyesight and smudging around and over the mouth area that it creates better communication and clearer understanding of the person’s surroundings, senses, and intuition. They use smudging or sage over the back, feet, head, and organs to provoke healing for the whole body. The belief is that all illness manifests in the body due to the excess of emotions and that through the smudging process it releases the person of all negative and toxic energies which will dissolve all properties and causes of illness.

Invocation - Positive Affirmation to Clear a Person’s Energy

“I acknowledge all energy and with this sage, I clear and bless this person and their auric energetic field with love, light, blessings, peace, abundance, harmony, joy, and laughter. I see how all negative emotions, thoughts, feelings, and stuck energy are released, and that any negative or toxic energies that are attached to this person energetically are now released, and the energy is dissolved. This person is now in a supportive energetic sphere with the highest vibration manifested within and without. Healing has now entered every part of this persons, body, mind, soul, and spirit. I thank the energy and the nature spirit of the sage for this clearing.”

How Frequently Should You Sage?

My recommendation is that it would be best to sage once a week or at least once a month to clear oneself and the space you work or live in. The challenge is that all energy accumulates very quickly when we connect with others or even when we bring any material things into our home. When these undetected negative energies combine with the negative energy of a property, the land (or energy from the previous owners) can create chaotic results.

Smudging is an amazing healing tool, but more importantly it will allow you to create a space for you and your family that is more harmonious and balanced.

Smudging with White Sage

Types of Smudging: Best Sage to Purchase

  • White Sage is the best and most commonly known sage to purchase. It is associated with purity and cleansing. It clears the mind and has antibacterial properties. White sage has an immensely powerful aroma. Indigenous people believe that the smoke rises your invocations and affirmations to the heavens to be heard.
  • Desert Blue Sage also known as grandmother sage is used for clearing and protection. It has a sweeter aroma and clears the mind of negative feelings.
  • Floral Sage Smudge is infused with rose and sacred ingredients. Those with rose petals bring in love, self-love, and positive energy.
  • Lavender Floral Sage Smudge Sticks are infused with lavender to bring in purification, tranquility, psychic protection, healing, and happiness.
  • Palo Santo, which translates to Holy Wood, contains a citrus sweet aroma. This amazing healing tool helps to ward off evil spirits and any misfortune. Palo Santo has amazing healing properties that have been known to clear headaches, inflammation, stress, trauma, and deep-rooted emotions.
  • Sweet Grass Braid is often used to bring in peace, spirituality, and healing. This can be placed within your home as it creates a sweet vanilla aroma and invites positive energy to come in.
  • Cedar Incense Sticks have more of a spicy aroma, however they ground the energy and bring in protection.
  • Sandalwood Essence creates a calming energy within your home and increases the mental mind. This is an amazing incense to use within a workspace.

Smudging and Psychic Abilities

It is safe to say that one can add to this amazing healing tool, one’s own beliefs or rituals. You can invoke through prayer your own religious sayings or call in the angels. However, it is always important to understand that energy is enormously powerful and the transformation from negative to positive is more powerful than assumed.

If a person has no psychic abilities such as clairsentience, clairaudience, or clairvoyance, the energy can be assumed to carrying no weight, but if you do have psychic abilities, the weight of negative energy will be felt as a load that can be felt, seen, or heard. Please do understand that this beautiful healing tool is sacred. When one acknowledges this, the clearer the energy and the more powerful the transformation.

For any help on clearing a home, person, or space, please reach out to me via chat at Psychic Source. I can guide you on clearing a home for living in or clearing a home if you wish to sell. Stuck energy very much can block a person from seeing the value of a property and this can lead to your home being on the market with no prospective buyers. It is important to clear the energy for new beginnings and for you to be released from the energy of your home or workspace.

Blessings, Love, and Light,

Psychic Lacey x3635 



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Lacey’s has a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and has studied Chinese face reading, Feng Shui and I-Ching to help and assist clients in all parts of their lives. Lacey is a Clairsentient Empath and Energy Healer and uses a combination of TCM and spiritual healing to guide and support her clients.   Lacey is excited to help and guide you step by step on your life path.



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