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Energy Healing with Crystals by Psychic Zoey

Date 4/11/2024
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Practice healing with crystals worn or placed on your coordinating chakras.

Practice healing with crystals worn or placed on your coordinating chakras.

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Everything in the universe is interconnected.  That being said crystals are another manifestation of healing energy that can be directed and used for the greater good.  Crystal healers have been doing just that for over 5,000 years.  Witness the ancient Egyptians who actually placed quartz crystals in their pyramids in order to attract the power of light.  There are plenty of examples of how these time honored traditions are still practical and useful today as shown with just a few examples below. 

Four Types of Energy Healing Using Crystals
1 - Crystals and Chakras

Today’s energy healers use multiple types of crystals in their work. These gemstones are chosen for their particular qualities and coloring.  The crystals are placed on the chakras, (also known as vortices or energy centers) of the body.  Chakras are connected by meridians of life energy, or chi that flow through the body.  The chakras are located in seven areas on the body: the crown, forehead, throat, heart, solar plexis, genital areas and spine.  Certain stones are chosen by skilled healers, to correspond with the particular imbalance reported by the patient.

Working with their clients, a healer will decide which crystal will be placed where.  Please note in the examples that follow, the crystals cited are just some examples of many options that can be used.
  • First, or Root Chakra (base of spine).  Colors:  black, brown, or deep red.  Crystals: Tiger eye, Jasper, Clear Crystal, Tourmaline
  • Second, or Sacral, Chakra.  Colors:  red or orange.  Crystals:  Ruby, Red Coral, Garnet, Fire Opal
  • Third, or Solar Plexus Chakra.  Colors:  Gold or yellow.  Crystals:  Citrine, Calcite, Topaz, Rose Quartz, Malachite
  • Fourth, or Heart Chakra.  Colors:  Green or pink.  Sample crystals:  Jade, Rhodochrosite, Esmerald, Pink Jade, Rose Quartz
  • Fifth, or Throat Chakra.  Colors:  Blue/green, light blue.  Crystals:  Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Sodalite, Aquamarine.
  • Sixth, or Third Eye Chakra.  Colors:  Indigo or deep purple.  Crystals:  Amethyst, Flourite, Blue Tiger Eye, Sapphire, Lapiz Lazuli
  • Seventh, or Crown Chakra.  Colors:  Light purple, deep purple, white, or clear.  Crystals:  Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl, Diamond.
2 – Sleeping With Crystals

A second type of crystal healing involves carefully placing chosen stones under the pillow of a patient.  The premise being that during sleep the body and mind are more restful, and able to accept the influence of the crystal’s healing energy more readily.
3 – Wearing Crystal Jewelry

Another type of healing involves wearing gemstones as jewelry directly on the body.  As those who have been reading my Gemstone of the Month series know, each gemstone carries specific energetic healing which corresponds to an individual’s aura.  Many are familiar with amulets, and when a stone is chosen as such, its main function is to protect the body, and repel negativity.  Depending on the patient’s needs, stones elected for a healing should be carefully chosen to heal, repel negative energy (including dis-ease), or exemplify positive energy, depending on the patient’s needs.
4 – Crystals During Meditation

Yet another form of crystal healing involves a person holding a crystal in their left hand while meditating.  Meditation, like sleep, is a point at which the body and mind are calmed and therefore more susceptible to a crystal’s healing influence.  Some report a tingling sensation while doing this exercise, while others feel a calmness overtaking them.

How do Crystals Actually Help and Heal Individuals?

The gemstones themselves have the ability to actually conduct energy. Plus, each particular stone has its own unique energy which contributes to the healing process (again, check out my Gemstone of the Month series for more information). If you need more convincing, think for a moment about the contribution crystals make in every flat-screen TV, quartz clock, cell phone or computer.  Transfer that idea to a more personal level where crystals are applied directly on the skin of an individual.  Now you will clearly see the impact crystals can have on energy.

Receiving a Crystal Healing

So are you ready to get a crystal healing, or do healing on yourself?  Clearly there are benefits from both processes.  In the beginning, it is probably better to seek out a professional healer, an empath who is practiced in the art.  In this way, you will get most benefit from having precious stones chosen by an experienced empathy.  Plus, you will gain the advantage of having the healer’s energies mingled with that of the energy in the crystals to form a precious, almost laser thrust of energy.  

Once you have experienced the energies this way, you can try cleansing, programming and directing the crystals energies yourself.  As you grow in crystal lore knowledge, you will be able to intuitively choose the correct crystal for your needs.  This works especially well with jewelry and meditation practices.  Of course, having a complete crystal healing with stones laid on your body requires another person being involved.  

One note:  when choosing a healer of any type, it is best to let your intuition guide you, that feeling in your lower stomach, aka, solar plexis.  If you are drawn toward the person, feel an affinity, go ahead.  If not, simply walk away.

Traditional Crystals Meet Modern Medicine

Whether you wear, carry, or undergo a complete crystal healing, changes have been reported that include a lessening of both acute and chronic illness, mental anxiety, and other emotional traumas.  We live in a new age where eastern and western medicine combine, rather than conflict, coming together to illuminate and enhance the human condition.  Crystal healing being one such amazing discipline. 

To learn more about Crystal Energy and other related subjects, please visit our new Energy Healing Guide.

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