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How to Set Goals for Self-Improvement Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Date 1/11/2023
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Discover how Astrology can help lead you towards self-improvement.

Discover how Astrology can help lead you towards self-improvement.

We often assume that astrology is only about forecasting events or letting us know who the best partner for us is.  The fact is astrology does a lot more than predict future events and tell us who we should marry or avoid; it is quite handy on a variety of levels.

Using Astrology to Create Self-Improvement Goals

Astrology can serve as a foundation for creating life plans and reviewing our best assets and weak areas.  We can use astrology to create a personalized plan of action for all types of things we face daily, month to month, or year to year.  Now, you do not have to go overboard when using astrology in vital areas of your life.  I view astrology like a weather forecast, which means if I know the weather is terrible, I don’t have to avoid going out but instead I make sure I dress accordingly and allow extra time to get to my destination.

While many of us make New Year’s Resolutions every January 1st, any time of the year is a great starting point for creating an action plan to help you make positive improvements in your life. Change is a process; you want to be patient with yourself, help yourself, and not add stress. 

One important thought, not everyone approaches their goals the same way, which is why generic goals do not work for everyone. Some need concrete instructions, while others prefer flexible plans.  Regardless of how you approach the process of self-improvement, the key is to be consistent and patient with the results. Some of you will see results immediately and others further down the road; however, you will have decent results following the guidelines.

We will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of each Astrological Sun Sign to help you utilize the skills helpful in creating personal improvements.  I will use some general guidelines, as well as specific ones tailored to each zodiac sign.  Get a notebook and a pen (I seriously recommend not using a computer for this, the brain and body need to connect to your goals like only you can experience by putting pen to paper).

Using these general guidelines, ask yourself the following questions and write down your answers on your paper:

  • What do you want to improve and why?
  • Are the improvements for immediate goals or lifestyle changes?
  • What will you give up for your goal?
  • What are you not willing to do and why?

Remember that we each have a unique style and needs, so one tip may not be doable for everyone, even for those born under the same Sun sign.  The suggestions and recommendations use the unique attributes of each astrological sign, but it does not mean you cannot borrow from each one.

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Your determination and fearless approach to life can be both a blessing and a roadblock.  Your eagerness to start things allows you to take risks and try new things without worrying about winning or failing.  This is an excellent quality since it will enable you to tackle challenging situations that may frighten others.  When it comes to improvements, the biggest issue you may face is boredom, which can discourage you from continuing on a path of self-improvement. The keys for Aries would be the following:

  1. Start with a 21-day challenge as a timeframe. (No longer). There are tons of fun and unique ideas out there for inspiration.
  2. When you get bored, take a “small” break, and meditate for 5 minutes to help ground you.
  3. Create small to-do plans; this way, you get things done before boredom sets in.
  4. Focus on one project until you are finished; this way, you will be able to achieve your goal.

Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

Your approach to change is a mixed bag of beliefs. When it comes to your beliefs and views, few can change how you think unless they bring tons of logic to the table.  Unlike what others may think, you can change, but you do not change unless necessary and it benefits you. Your approach to improving and evolving has to appeal to you, which means recommendations of any kind have to make sense.  One quality you have that works well for goal attainment is the ability to comment to routine. To help you tackle your resistance to what you realize needs improving, here are a few tips to assist Taurus:

  1. Take one area to focus on and keep it simple.
  2. Make sure to create a three-day schedule that fits your lifestyle.
  3. Allow yourself to have fun and not be hard on yourself.
  4. When you feel stuck, use aromatherapy to help you unwind.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Overthinking and deciding can become a roadblock and a challenge for you when embarking on a plan of action for self-improvement. Your desire to completely understand how something works and whether or not it is worth your time can keep you from moving forward. In addition to overthinking, you also enjoy a variety of things, which can make deciding on one area difficult.  For you, having options are vital but can also be distracting, which means we need to focus on keeping things simple and exciting. Here are some tips for Gemini:

  1. Remember, you can have more than one option, but for starters, only focus on one thing at a time.
  2. Prioritize what is most important for the present time.
  3. Keep your goals short and straightforward to avoid boredom and a feeling of being incomplete.
  4. Do one task a day until you have achieved your goal. (OK, you can select two since you may have double the energy).

Cancer (June 21 - July 21)

Being comfortable and set in your ways can be reassuring, but it can be limiting when it comes to self-improvement. You are not required to change anything if you are comfortable and happy as you are.  However, if there are areas that need improvement, remember improving things is about making upgrades and not necessarily about changing everything.  It helps to see self-improvement as a form of polishing off beautiful objects that have gathered dust rather than getting rid of stuff.  Before Cancer starts on the path of self-improving, think about things you would like to improve and begin from there.

  1. Begin with taking an inventory of areas that can use some upgrading.
  2. Take one or two things you feel need improving and create a simple to-do list.
  3. Create a basic schedule and a reasonable deadline that can be updated as you reach your goals.
  4. When you are overwhelmed, take breaks (go for a walk, slowly enjoy your favorite beverage, etc.)

Leo (July 22 – August 21)

You have no problems in the area of self-care, but you may at times forget to focus on yourself, especially when you are caring for others. Even those of you who tend to maintain a proper level of care regularly can become too distracted to focus on yourself.  Self-improvement for Leo is not about ignoring the world or necessarily about changing, as much as being ok with not always being the caretaker. For you, this year can be one of enjoyment without guilt and giving yourself a break from duties. Your self-improvement is about remembering that self-care does not have to be a sacrifice when being of service or caring for others.  Here are some simple suggestions for Leo:

  1. Take breaks in your day to have tea and just sit with yourself.
  2. Learn to say no to things that overwhelm your energy.
  3. Do some journaling to help you remain centered.
  4. Take a bubble bath or a shower whenever you feel overwhelmed by emotional demands.

Virgo (August 22 - September 21)

You have a natural ability to be mindful of your health and practice proper self-care. Still, there is a tendency to overexert due to being a natural worrier and perfectionistic.  Self-improvement for you has a lot to do with being less self-critical and more accepting of yourself. There is a need to understand that self-acceptance does not mean you will become lazy and neglectful, but rather acknowledge that you are mindful and that your routine will maintain you without necessarily worrying about it.  Here are a few self-improvement techniques recommended for Virgo.

  1. Grab a paper and pen; write down one thing you hope to achieve related to self-improvement.  Make sure to include all the details involved with that one thing and then tear up the paper.
  2. Get rid of your reminders and to-do list.
  3. Do something fun once a day for at least 5 minutes.
  4. Look at nature and its natural imperfections and simply enjoy them.

Libra (September 22 – October 21)

Balance is vital for Libra, and this can be a mixed blessing and a curse since things are not always consistent.  It is essential to live in the present rather than worrying about events in the future.  Remember, the future is being written today, and it is always open for editing.  Part of what throws you off is when things do not feel stable. As someone who is ruled by the element of Air, you need to take time to relax and mentally unwind. When it comes to self-improvement and changes in any area of your life, you must first create a calm mental state.  The following are helpful tips for Libra:

  1. Improvement for you is about balance and harmony, which means your goals need to be simple.
  2. Learn to meditate and do it for 2- 5 minutes up waking or when taking a shower in the morning.
  3. Keep a journal where you can document whatever troubles you.  However, once you write down the nature of the issue, let it stay on the paper.
  4. Engage your body in some form or physical movement; this way, your body can serve as a mental distractor.

Scorpio (October 22 – November 21)

Scorpio is similar to Capricorn in many ways since you can be strongly motivated and quite determined to achieve your goals.  The difference is that you are ruled by the element of water, which makes you prone to change a lot faster than a Capricorn and stop projects that become annoying.  The key for you is to find ways to maintain your focus and not get too bored with the slowness of progress. When trying to create self-improvement in your life, you need to be flexible to avoid stagnation.  Here are a few tips for Scorpio:

  1. Update your routines every two weeks.
  2. Keep your routines mixed with both challenges and consistency (which you need for achieving results).
  3. Be concrete with your goals; this way; it will help you remain focused.
  4. Make whatever you do fun, and this will help you commit longer.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius can have stamina like no other and the ability to finish most projects without much effort. However, there has to be some value or purpose for you to participate in any change process. You dislike wasting time on goals and things if it is not a worthy cause. Your challenge in any type of self-improvement journey is finding the reasons for doing them. The fact is, if you or anyone is happy as they are, self-improvement is unnecessary.  However, if you know an area, habit, or behavior that needs changing, then self-improvement is ideal. Here are some tips to get a Sagittarius started:

  1. Write the pros and cons related to the area you need to change. This list will help you sort out why it is beneficial
  2. Create a plan of action that involves the steps required to get things done
  3. Set a starting and an ending date since this will create a timeframe

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)  

As an Earth sign; you are about solid results and getting things done is not an issue for you.  The biggest hurdle for Capricorn is being flexible and teachable.  Though you are brilliant, ambitious, and a go-getter by nature, there are times you forget that you can benefit from new perspectives and ideas. New challenges are not an issue for you, as long as they are aligned with your belief system, which is fine, but sometimes an entirely new way of thinking benefits us.  Your improvement involves letting go of comfortable ways of doing things and trying something new.  Here are some ideas for Capricorn to try:

  1. Identify and review one area you are most stuck on and believe can use an update.
  2. Create a 21-day plan that focuses only on improving the selected area.
  3. If you already have a routine, change it by either making it simpler or altering the activities of the routine.
  4. Do something fun or silly once a week that you “normally” don’t do.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Your creativity and ability to solve problems are one of your superpowers; however, your skills sometimes lay dormant since you tend to overthink, which can create roadblocks in the area of actualizing outcomes. You can pretty much write your self-help book, but your motivation keeps you stuck in your head at times.  The key is to learn to set doable deadlines and get you out of your procrastination stages.  Here are some tips just for an Aquarius:

  1. Whatever you decide you need to change, start taking actions today, which actually start today, instead of on some “perfect” or magical future date.
  2. Keep your plans simple so you do not overwhelm yourself.
  3. Maintain a journal of your progress as well as your roadblocks.
  4. Learn to meditate to help train your mind to relax.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)  

You have a brilliant imagination which can be both a remarkable skill and a trap that keeps you from facing things.  You like to go with the flow, which means that the idea of being locked into a schedule may seem unnatural and suppressive. The idea is to learn to look at routine as something that can be fluid and flexible.  Routines are consistent actions that help you achieve specific goals rather than a military-style regimen.  For instance, you eat, sleep and even brush your teeth daily; those are routines that enhance the quality of your life. The key for you is to create lifestyle plans for self-improvement that become natural components of your life, rather than some generic lifeless, repetitive act.  Here are some tools perfect for a Pisces:

  1. Write a “manifest recipe” on a piece of large paper.  Add all the ingredients you want to achieve the desired outcome. Then put the list away.
  2. Make a list of 2 to 3 things you can do daily to improve your life and do them for 21 days. Some examples may include: taking vitamins, doing short 5-minute meditations, practicing 5-10 minutes of yoga, etc.
  3. Document your process in a journal, at least for 21 days; this will help you sort your thoughts.
  4. Take 5 minutes a day to visualize your goals; avoid going over them, and keep it to only 5 minutes.

It is helpful to realize that not everyone needs to change or upgrade unless they feel inclined to do so.  These tips and suggestions for how to use astrology for self-improvement are intended for those individuals looking for ways to create new realities and ways of coping.  When it comes to improving, always remember that you do what you need to do for yourself and your needs regardless of what your Sun Sign recommends.



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