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7 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibration For Greater Happiness

Date 4/18/2024

Spending time in nature is one way to raise your vibration!

Spending time in nature is one way to raise your vibration!

Why would you want to raise your vibration? Consciousness and vibration go together. When we are in a lower vibration or frequency we comprehend less. We also tend to suffer more because being in a lower frequency restricts love. Fortunately, there are things we can do to get out of a low frequency. There are seven easy ways you can raise your vibration—starting today!   

Are you vibrating at a low or high frequency?

Our emotions will tell us. Emotions are our own biochemical feedback indicators. Basically, does it make you feel good? This means you are in a high vibration. If it makes you feel bad, you are in a low vibration. Emotions reflect our thoughts. We are constantly picking thoughts that cause us to feel a certain way. If you pay attention, you will see which thoughts you are picking and how they make you feel.

Are You Repressing Emotions?

We cannot continually focus on a thought that makes us feel bad and stay in a state of high vibration. However, it is essential not to judge ourselves if we catch ourselves thinking thoughts that make us feel bad. We can just observe these thoughts without judgment, which takes us outside our Egoic mind.

We can do the same with any emotions we feel. For example, if we are feeling sad or angry, we can just let it come out. It is so important not to go into judgment about what we are feeling. This not only lowers our vibration but it can lead to repression of emotions which is exactly what we don't want.

Ideally, we want to allow it to move out in a healthy way so vibrational healing can naturally occur. Scream, cry, punch a pillow, but let it out. A good way to get into the nonjudgmental state is to meditate. This gets us into the practice of observing the mind from a neutral state.

To stay in a steady state of high vibration, try these 7 positive energy practices:

1. Appreciate (look for things you like throughout the day) 

2. Spend time in nature

3. Smile and laugh often

4. Make positive changes in beliefs, judgments, and fears that are limiting you

5. Use aromatherapy or light therapy

6. Spend time in water

7. Practice self inquiry (ask questions that bring you into a higher awareness)

Commit to practicing happiness. Seek it regularly and you will find more of it.


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