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5 Plants for Protection, Nurturing and Healing

Date 6/30/2023
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Plants have the ability to heal illness, clean the air and add beauty to the environment.

Plants have the ability to heal illness, clean the air and add beauty to the environment.

Some people may not think of plants as magic beings, but they absolutely are. Plants have the ability to heal physical and emotional illnesses, clean the air, add beauty to any environment and bring a smile or the energy of romance to many situations. By using your own innate intuition when working with plants, you can discover each plant's unique magical personality and healing qualities. Even if you don't consider yourself to have a “green thumb,” you may still intuitively find certain plants that you can easily care for and keep in your home or workspace. 

It is suggested you try going into a nursery or garden, closing your eyes, and feeling the energy of the plants around you. If you are drawn to a plant, sit with it and talk to it. If you feel pulled, purchase or adopt it. Use your nurturing instincts and water your plant as needed. Research what is suggested and do your best at connecting with its energy and helping it thrive.

There may be times when your plant mysteriously suffers, and if you are unable to revive it, you can return it back to the earth through means of yard waste or compost. Some plants are easier to care for than others. Succulents, cacti, and herbs are usually pretty low maintenance and good for beginners. I will list some plants below you may want to look into adopting and cultivating to use in rituals, home cleansing, and medicinal care.


Aloe can grow indoors or outdoors. Partial shade and only weekly watering are needed. Aloe can be used to comfort and heal minor cuts and burns. Aloe is associated with the heart chakra. You can charge your rose quartz crystals with aloe, by gently setting them into the dirt overnight. You can meditate with your aloe plant, and know that she will listen, calm and soothe.


Lavender planted in your front yard or in your home will be sure to energize and uplift your energy or the energy of those who visit your home. Lavender along with its floral, sweet, and relaxing smell, has purifying qualities. It grows best outdoors in the sunshine. You can burn it, put it in ritual oil or keep it underneath your pillow while you sleep to promote relaxation, ease anxiety and cleanse.


Rosemary is easily grown, preferably outdoors in full sunshine. It has a strong, rejuvenating smell. Rosemary invokes memory. Keep rosemary near you when studying or within your work environment for focus. The stimulating scent of rosemary can even help you recall past lives during meditation work. Rosemary can also be used in love spells to balance the power in any relationship dynamic. To use rosemary in any spell or ritual simply close your eyes, present your question or wish and observe the images, ideas, or words that come to mind when connecting to this powerful, intellectually stimulating plant.


This is one succulent best known for bringing prosperity. Fairly easy to maintain, jade exudes an energy that assists you in bringing in feelings of abundance. This plant helps you grasp the feelings of stability regarding finances. It has the ability to multiply itself exponentially. An example of this in physical form would be to simply put a small cutting of jade plant into water, and watch it grow roots right before your eyes within a matter of days. You can then replant it outside or in a jar and it will survive with very little water or fuss, in full sun or total shade. This is the plant of resiliency. 


This wise, ancient, protective, grounding plant is a wonderful plant to keep around your home. The sage plant is often used dried and wrapped into a smudging stick. Ancient cultures have used dried sage to cleanse and purify their space for centuries. Containing a deep earthy scent, it also calls in wisdom and downloads from the spirit world to the person who burns it. Used in conjunction with frankincense, sage provides powerful security and protection for your home when burned in each room throughout the house. Be sure to open windows to allow the energy that needs to be cleaned out.

We hope this has inspired you to cultivate a relationship with plant energy. Maybe you will discover which plants you best connect with, after reading this. Plants are magnificent beings willing to protect, heal and nurture us on many levels. We encourage you to take the time to connect with some plants and consider using them as a way to enhance the positivity and elevate the vibration of your home or workspace.


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