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Your Power Element and Cleansing Your Energy by Psychic Silver

Date 12/5/2020
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Is your Power Element more of an Earth, Wind, Fire or Water energy?

Is your Power Element more of an Earth, Wind, Fire or Water energy?

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We often hear that it is important to cleanse our energy every now and then for many different reasons. It could be because we have been in places that are very crowded, because we’ve been in contact with others that have been energy vampires or simply because we are naturally born empaths and our energy gets drained just by spending time with other people.

But how do we cleanse our energy and is every cleansing method ideal for all of us?

Traditional Energy Cleansing

Traditionally burning Sage, Palo Santo and other herbs can help us release negative energy. Another good thing for clearing out your energy and bringing in the good vibes is taking a shower or bath or going to the beach. Other very effective energy cleansing methods are going for a hike in nature or just taking a deep breath to get your Zen and centering yourself. From saging to hiking, all these energy clearing rituals have something in common. Can you guess what it is?

Answer… They all involve one of the four elements:

  • Earth: Hiking in Nature
  • Wind: Breathing in
  • Fire: Burning/Smudging
  • Water: Bath/Shower

So now that we know the foundation of traditional cleansing, the important thing is to identify your PE (that is your Power Element) which at the same time will be your cleansing element. This is something that you should intuitively identify.

Have You Identified Your PE Yet?

When you do so, get creative with it – create your own rituals based on your souls calling. In the meantime, below are some Energy Cleansing ideas for each element. It is important to manifest that you are letting go of the negative and releasing it so that your energy can clear again.


Try gardening, hiking, cuddling your favorite pet, watering your plants, cooking and even getting a massage. Anything that involves your senses and feeling connected to the earth and grounded will help you release the negativity that is currently blocking your energy.


Try breathing exercises, meditation that involves using your breath the main point of focus, working out outdoors and taking in a breath of fresh air. Another great way of liberating your negative energy and clearing out your aura is by speaking aloud, even if it’s only to yourself. Releasing all that is weighing you down in the open will help you with letting go of it.


When fire is your PE it is important to always have candles handy for when a stressful day at work calls for it. Sage, Palo Santo and other smudging tools are necessary and important. It is also very helpful writing on a piece of paper all your negative feelings and thoughts and then burning the paper and releasing the ashes. If you have a fireplace, it is ideal to just sit by it and unwind, especially on a cold winter’s night.


If you’re like me and your PE is water here is what I do. I love swimming and the beach is truly my happy place. I know that after a day or week of stress and dealing with draining energy, there is nothing better than going to the beach or when that’s not an option, taking a warm bath in the comfort of my home. My second soothing element is Fire – which is why if I’m at home, I usually use sage to burn as I’m taking my bath or my relaxing shower.

I hope these ideas and rituals help you maintain an optimal energy level. Remember we are all energetical beings and keeping your energy ports clear is ideal for bringing positivity in your life.


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