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Find Comfort Through Your Senses by Psychic Izzy

Date 4/19/2024
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Stop, look, listen and take time to feel like yourself.

Stop, look, listen and take time to feel like yourself.

Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or stressed? Are you having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep? You can feel better during challenging times by taking care of yourself with compassion and understanding. Instead of just accepting the feelings of exhaustion, vulnerability, or depression; try some of these techniques to find peace, comfort, and relief, even if it’s only temporary. That is OK. Just start with what feels best and go from there.

It does not matter the source of your anxiety: relationships, finances, family, work, health. These techniques work with all these and more. They can help you to feel more grounded in who you really are at the core. Once you are calmer and begin to feel regenerated, you are able to have a clearer mind and will be aware of additional options than you did when you were under immense stress and pressure. Even if you have a short window of time to respond to a triggering situation; take a deep breath, excuse yourself briefly, or say, “Let me sleep on that, and I’ll get back to you.”  

Experiment with these ideas and start to feel more like yourself!


  • Aromatherapy and essential oils
  • Fresh air
  • Natural environments
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Aroma of baking/cooking
  • Light a Scented Candle


  • Drink soothing peppermint tea or a refreshing smoothie
  • Treat yourself to fresh fruit/juice… try some seasonal favorites
  • Find your favorite comfort food (for me, it’s dark chocolate -yum!)
  • Savor a texture/taste/experience


  • Blue and green are calming colors… visit a park and soak in Mother Nature
  • Look back at photos or mementos
  • Lay outside and watch the clouds float by
  • Enjoy the stars at night
  • Take in a breathtaking sunrise
  • Watch your kids, grandkids, or pets as they sleep
  • Enjoy a playlist of your favorite songs
  • Sit quietly with a guided meditation
  • Put on spa sounds or white noise (there are plenty of free or cheap smartphone apps for this)
  • Attend a sound bath
  • Relax to classical/piano/guitar music
  • Nature/natural sounds — I opt for a cat purring 
  • Relax in a rocking chair
  • Apply your favorite lotion or crème, and savor the experience
  • Stroll/Play with your dog
  • Practice Yoga
  • Rest underneath a weighted blanket
  • Slip on a pair of cozy socks
  • Experience a reiki session
  • Address any sore muscles and seek relief with something like Biofreeze
  • Write in your journal 


  • Believe in YOU!
  • Practice and trust YOUR intuition or gut feeling
  • YOUR thoughts and feelings are the ones that matter
  • YOUR choices are the most important
  • YOUR actions are your decision

PS - With each step along the way, we are learning, growing, and changing. Ultimately there is no wrong or bad choice. There will always be more options for you moving forward. Have faith and trust in the process of life.


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Izzy supports and empowers you. She is direct, insightful, and compassionate as she tunes into your energy. Izzy has worked in this profession for more than a decade. She is a college graduate and a graduate of Enwaken Energy Coaching. Izzy is a Reiki Master and has extensive training and certifications in the fields of metaphysics, communication and intuition. Izzy is also a Pet Psychic, speaks to those who have crossed over, and can help to locate lost items. Bring your questions and concerns, and she will shine a light on your path forward.


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