5 Ways to Recalibrate and Transform Yourself Today by Psychic Radha

Date 1/11/2023
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What you listen to impacts your mood.

What you listen to impacts your mood.

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Be sure to start HERE with my first article: The Placebo Effect During Any Challenge then come back to enjoy these steps you can take to transform anything that blocks you from your light. 

What do you listen to?

How do you prepare your meals?

What do you watch before bed?

When was the last time you cleared or cleaned your chakras?

The above questions are meant to elicit a deep dive into your transformation. 

If you want to enjoy more abundance for yourself and those you love, then this transformation is about showing up for yourself. It’s about the first step to offering yourself the gift of unconditional love through your recalibration. 


Let’s get into some fun, actionable tools that you can incorporate into your lifestyle today.


Too many of us have accepted anxiety as a new normal.  We pop anti-anxiety meds like candy thinking they're going to work for us but in fact, simply cover the symptoms and do not offer long-term healing. Kind of like kicking dirt beneath the couch. The dirt is no longer staring you in the face, yet the problem remains. 

Here are 5 simple suggestions you can use to recalibrate and transform yourself starting... now!

1 - What You Listen to Impacts Your Mood

If you listen to what I am going to call violent music that offers negative language over and over again, guess what happens? You are programming yourself to negative affirmations that will impact you, well negatively. Yes, it is a form of brainwashing. You decide which way you want such influences to take hold. 

I AM NOT saying to stop listening to this kind of music completely, but rather be mindful of how much you expose your mind to those cacophonous words and sounds that aren’t getting you where you want to be. 

Would you tell a person trying to get healthy, that eating cotton candy every day is ok? We both know that it won’t help your diabetes or high blood pressure, neither will negative sound vibration help you get grounded, healthy, abundant, and dare I say it… Happy!

I invite you to step into listening to high-frequency music as background sounds to create a calm and peaceful space for you and those you love. I call it, Feng Shui for Your Soul!

Frequencies such as 528HZ which you can find on YouTube will assist with heart chakra healing, DNA, and other reparative influences on a cellular level.

432HZ, 555HZ, and 999HZ (known as the God frequency) all have certain aspects to their vibrations which target specifics focus on what it elevates within you. Some sound frequencies aid in immunity support, some with concentration, and some with opening the pineal gland which is the seat of the Third eye (intuition). There are certain vibrational frequency sounds said to attract material abundance.  Note: 440HZ is not something you want to listen to as it is known to have a lowering frequency.

2 - Clean Your Chakras

You probably shower daily, right? Please, energetically clean your chakras every day by simply visualizing their gorgeous orbed color while spinning them clockwise. I usually say a mantra of gratitude, it’s so simple.  Thank you, thank you, thank you as I chant this mantra, up the chakras I go - from root to crown.  This intention places you upon the lap of abundance.

3 - The Power of Crystals

Consider the power of crystals, I would never leave that out of your spiritual bag. As you may have heard, certain crystals are well known to help with protection, healing and intuition: 

    • Black Tourmaline for protection.
    • Pink Quartz for love and compassion.
    • Fluorite for dreams (place it beneath your pillow)
    • Labradorite for intuition, third eye awakening.
    • Shiva Lingam stone for a full balance of your chakras.

I tend to pop one or two, or three crystals in my bra.  Yes, really!

4 - Breathing

When you are confused, broken-hearted, angry, or scared, breathe into your heart chakra. The power of breathing consciously cannot be ignored, so please don’t.

5 - Mantras and Affirmations

The power of chanting stops the monkey mind from nurturing fear over healing. When at a red light, when folding clothes, when taking a walk, when standing in line, chant a mantra that controls your rambling thoughts into a more coherent stream of positive, high-vibrational thoughts.  

Write gorgeous, positive words of affirmation on your water bottles such as; I love you, peace, calm, abundance, faith, and so forth. I used to write such words on my son’s water bottles and pack them with his lunch.  

Chanting mantras while you cook to create a high vibration over the food you prepare is well known to have potency in both taste and nutrition. I am not kidding. If you think about it, cooking when angry is like adding vibrational poison to the food. Never do that to yourself or to those you love.  When you cook with the right devotional intent you honor the god/goddess within yourself and within those you love. That means never cooking while watching the news or anything that is violent.  Remember the saying, you are what you eat? Well, you are what you ingest energetically. 

Using the abundance of YouTube or Psychic Source, you can access guided meditations for healing, soul retrieval, affirmations of self-love and to attract material and health wealth.

Consider adding at least one of these new spiritual practices per month.  Please post a comment below to share your experiences following these ideas and your own.


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