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Published Date 9/10/2018
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Who Were You in a Past Life?

Many spiritual paths believe that we do not live but one life on this earth, and instead go through this mortal journey many times, passing our souls and life lessons from one body to another. Your relationships, habits, and fears offer insights into your soul’s journey and help you to understand if this is your first life on this planet or whether you're an old soul with a wealth of previous experiences.

A Past Life Reading is a Window to Your Soul

From past lives quizzes to past life regression, there are many ways to explore the mystery of our soul’s journey through time and space. One of the best ways for how to tell who you were in a past life is to connect with a Psychic Source Advisor skilled in past life interpretation. In contrast to a past life regression, a past life psychic reading is a less intense way to explore how past life experiences may impact your life today. Past life psychic readings are different from a past life regression. You don’t need to be hypnotized, but your Advisor may ask you to enter a meditative state while he or she takes a journey into your past and conveys to you what he or she discovers.

How Can I Use Information from a Past Life Reading?

While it’s fun to imagine yourself a Medieval nobleman or Egyptian princess, the value of uncovering past life information is not so much in imagining romantic notions to explain feelings of deja vu, but rather it is in discovery of the life lessons and karma you carry at a soul level. Understanding your soul’s journey puts context around your most difficult challenges in this lifetime, and helps you master lessons that you’d rather not revisit in this life or the next. Speak to a past life interpreter at Psychic Source to gain clarity and closure, to face the future with a clean slate.

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