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Relationship Tarot Spread | What Relationship Stage Are you In?

Date 5/25/2022
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Use tarot to discover what stage you are in your relationship.

Use tarot to discover what stage you are in your relationship.

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Every relationship you have, and you know I am right about this, is a process and not a fixed thing. Changes rise with the sun, especially in romantic relationships.

    • Where are we headed? 
    • At what stage in the relationship process are we at right now? 
    • And, most importantly, how serious is this beautiful relationship we are building? 

Questions and inferences spring up like weeds, and love it seems is poised to make a fool of us all. So, you need to take the temperature and depth, and you need to do it often. Daily, perhaps. 

Using tarot for relationship stages is perfect for this type of measurement. Not quite so clear when interpreted through one’s own personal filters, but pure as the driven snow when an objective third-party is solicited for their impressions and interpretations. I suggest a card-slinger that keeps the reading clean and quick, no muss, three cards and you have an answer. 

My top choice for a stages of relationship tarot snapshot is what I call a clock reading. You know, what time is right now? Where are we right now, the dawning of our day or the twilight of our time together? It's a simple 3 card spread. 

Card One:
What am I truly ready for? 
Card Two: What is he/she truly ready for? 
Card Three: What does the next level of closeness look like?

Another predictive three-card spread that is so efficient is like a quick GPS read. It goes like this:

Card One:
Where we are now? 
Card Two: What’s coming up?
Card Three: Advice or suggested route? 

My favorite, which was certainly my grandmother’s favorite, is a 3 card spread that is probably the oldest and the simplest, and the most effective tarot spread. Period. And you can apply it to any relationship, romantic or not:

Card One:
What to be aware of?
Card Two: What to remember?
Card Three: What to let go of?

Simple. Fast. Hit a reading in the middle of the day, if you need to. So perfect for relationships of any kind. Have a reader do the reading for you, don’t blur the insight with personal filters.

My final suggestion is to stick to using predictive style tarot readings, which is the style of the spreads above, as opposed to the consultative style tarot readings when dealing with relationships, whether the relationship is with a job you love to hate or your lover. I know this sounds counter-intuitive. The reason why is because when you are lit up, all your circuits are cracking (happy or livid, it doesn’t matter), the last thing you need or want to hear is some self-help platitude on how to manage your emotions better. Cold, cut, and dry predictions shed clarity without suffocating or pushing more buttons. 


Not in a relationship?  No problem. The Tarot can also be used to help discover a future love too!



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