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Rose Quartz Meditation to Supercharge the Love in Your Life | Podcast by Psychic AJ

Date 11/23/2022
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Rose quartz is a powerful crystal ally when it comes to every aspect of love. In this guided meditation, Psychic AJ will help you work with its energy to expand the love in any or all areas of your life.

How to Supercharge Rose Quartz and Manifest Love Now!

Are you feeling like the love in your life is disconnected, boring, or needing a polish? Maybe you heard about the meaning of Rose Quartz and tried using it to bring that special someone into your life without any luck. There is a secret to its loving benefits: Supercharging Rose Quartz.

Whether you have been exploring the powerful relationship benefits of crystals for a while or you’re just looking for a new way to improve your love life, you are in the right place. Let me re-introduce you to the higher dimensional crystal of pure love: Rose Quartz. Even if you are already familiar with this beautiful crystal, this post will share the updated meaning of Rose Quartz. Additionally, you will learn 3 techniques to SUPERcharge it to receive specific kinds of love in your life and lastly, receive the exact meditation used to activate the love you truly deserve. 

“Wait, what do you mean specific kinds of love and Supercharging?” I’m glad you asked because for a very long time I was using rose quartz ineffectively until I did a specific Supercharging meditation (which you can listen to in the podcast) that changed my life. I will describe that shortly but first, let’s get to the specifics so you can see how Rose Quartz may benefit you too. 

What is Supercharging and How do I do it?

Traditionally, Rose Quartz can be charged, energized, or programmed through sunlight, holding it with intention and many other variations outside the focus of this article. Commonly accepted Rose Quartz benefits are enhancing love, relationships, and romance. The stone itself is often used in massage for softening and balancing the skin. The gentle, loving energy opens the heart chakra. To get even more opportunities for love, you can add Supercharging Rose Quartz through at least 1 of the following 3 techniques (Even if you don’t have one!).

Technique #1 - Practice the included meditation (or your own version) weekly to activate and supercharge the rose quartz energy within you. Visualize the soft, pink, warming love already in your heart chakra and in your life. Whether you have the actual crystal in-hand or not, supercharging is about tapping into the energy of it already inside you. Imagine the powerful difference between holding the little, tumbled, pink stone, hoping for love- versus becoming the rose quartz. The loving benefits which you will soon enjoy have been powerfully narrowed down and shared with this writer during the meditation so that I can now share them with you. Knowing these will help immensely before doing Technique #2 later. 

Technique #2 - Visualize the different styles of love listed above as a protective, pink, warm mist moving toward you. See pink bubbles slowly approaching and, in each bubble, visualize an example of that type of love (for example, patient love) from your life and then decide that you are “worthy of receiving that or better.” If any challenging memories or feelings of lack arise, there’s no need to fix them. Accept them as past lessons and visualize them floating by you and feel how the future is even better and more loving. 

Technique #3 - Get clear (or at least pinkish clear) on any resistance you may have to giving or receiving love. Whether visualized in a meditation, written on paper, or having a virtual heart-to-heart chat with a very honest friend, this technique increases the awareness with which Rose Quartz amplifies love. Consider these questions in small chunks of time and always practice self-care. Connect with the relaxing, stable energy of Rose Quartz before exploring this self-inquiry.

Reflect on times when you felt the most loved, how was this expressed? Do you like receiving gifts or prefer a relaxing evening by yourself? Is this different than the way you prefer to show love to others? If someone has hurt you in the past, should you offer them loving second chances or not? How do you feel when setting boundaries with people you love?

Remember that whatever you find, it is purely information. We are all on our own journeys, all getting closer to our soul’s loving oneness but not by doing everything perfectly. One of my favorite psychic readers says, “Are you goin’ through it or are you growin’ through it?”  If this technique brings up any strong emotions that interfere with your daily routine, please seek a mental health professional or physician.  

The Benefits of Supercharged Rose Quartz include:

  • Expanding and attracting love that is soft, gentle, compassionate, pure, long-term, patient and inviting. This feels more like a long hug from someone who knows you well and cares for you deeply. You feel their warmth and melt into the safety of their arms, whether romantic partner or family member. Rose Quartz will not necessarily manifest love that is brief, under the influence, erotic, revenge-based or conditional-love (I love you only when you do what I want or make me look good). There are other crystals better designed for exploring or healing those aspects.
  • Activating both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra. If you're not familiar with the higher heart chakra and Rose Quartz, it oversees the broadest, most enlightened forms of love, such as love of humankind and non-attachment. 
  • Identifying and healing any resistance that you may have to giving or receiving love. This is easily done energetically through the visualization in the meditation and also gently through situations in your daily life. For example, you might find several chances during your day to give love, such as bringing food to someone or listening to their bad day, but when others try to return that compassion you dismiss it. Rose Quartz will send a warm clarity in that moment to help you grow through any fears and feel worthy of love. 

How These Updated Benefits and Techniques Were Verified

After a great deal of research on the history, meanings, uses, properties, and rituals used with Rose Quartz, I sat down to record a meditation for this particular post. I knew it would be about rose quartz and it’s amazing improvement on love. What happened next was unexpected, truly remarkable and life changing.

I sat in meditation and felt a pink glow surrounding me and as I tried to direct the meditation for recording, I kept feeling that I was being redirected back to my heart chakra. Then I realized that this was a message I was receiving. The next day it was dramatic how people seemed to be more agreeable and patient as I went about my day. Later I had a friend introduce me to someone romantically interested in me.

I was skeptical still but being open and appreciative I did the meditation again. I felt the same gentle energy and compassionate feelings around me. Then I realized that I didn’t have the rose quartz with me. This further underlined the message I had perceived the day before. Rose Quartz is essentially energy; everything is energy; we are energy. Therefore, that ability to magnify and draw love to us is already inside; amplified in rose quartz.

Try the meditation for yourself and you decide how quickly and powerfully love shows up for you. This is the story and process for how to supercharge your love life with Rose Quartz.

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AJ is a clairvoyant angel messenger and has been developing his skills in oracle readings and energy healing for over a decade. He has engaged with crystals for energy healing and meditation practices and continues to learn how they can improve our lives. He has training in energy medicine, chakra healing, Chinese medicine and holds a Master’s degree. He provides oracle readings with a focus on wisdom, truth, timelines, love and always for the highest good of the person receiving the messages.


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