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Love Lost & Found Podcast Series: Supercharge Your Love Connection by Psychic Mackenzie

Date 11/9/2021

Guided Meditation Podcasts

Ready to supercharge your love life? Psychic Mackenzie outlines steps you can take to bring a new jolt of life to your relationships.

The blessings of a more confident love-life await you. Is there something you are overlooking which you can do to supercharge your love connection? Are you stuck, not knowing what to do regarding a romantic person of interest or how to find a romantic person of interest? Is your romantic interest not showing you enough attention to 'keep the love alive? 

We all have questions when it's in regard to 'love'. First and without this element, love has such a hard time—you must, must, must love yourself before true love exists. Without knowledge of what it takes to live without love and to love ourselves, isn't it difficult to cultivate more romance? 

Here are some simple things you can try to supercharge your love relationship once you have the foundation set:

  1. Mind Connecting - Saying less and mind connecting more. There are many ways to communicate, words or talking, reading, writing, even dance or music, but nothing is stronger than the mind. 

  2. One other way to intensity your relationship is to put on and keep on your own personal-pretty. Of course, this is not the most important part of the attraction but it does work to help each of you see more into the soul of the one you're with and often what attracted our partners to start.

  3. Saying thank you often. Let your loved ones see the consistency of your kind heart, seeing you being gracious and a super kind and thankful person to all persons.

  4. Changing your bedroom space from time to time.

  5. Honesty - The power of your own honesty will radiate to others and so draw others closer to you in the process.

  6. Unplugging times - the same as we have our children away from their devices we should as well.

  7. Learn to speak your partner's love language and not just your own.

As a bonus Mantras can be super-useful in cleansing energies so you are 'prepared to love'. Mantras are a valuable tool in helping center your intentions in many other areas too, not just romance. 

My wish is to inspire you, assisting you to remember going beyond everything you've tried before. Change can and will be good in every relationship. Try these and every other unique way to spice up your love life, starting a little at a time. When it becomes a habit between you and the one you love that's when the supercharged love and relationship between both parties will be secure.


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