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How to Know if Someone is Your Soulmate

Date 12/15/2022
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How to know if someone is your soulmate

Have You Found Your Soulmate?

You meet someone new and feel *it* — you know, that instant spark that lets you know there's something there. Have you found your soulmate? While the universe does serve up those special people that are just meant to be in our lives, not everyone is a soulmate, and not every soulmate is designed to be a life-long lover. Some are karmic relationships that will help you learn vital lessons. Others are past-life connections that may bring back wisdom from a previous lifetime. Some are simply temporary gifts for your current enjoyment.

Use this guide to determine what kind of spiritual connection you've manifested.

1. Are you experiencing a deep soul connection or the thrill of a new acquaintance?

All new relationships are especially exciting in the early days. It's important to distinguish between the natural enthusiasm that you'll feel from a sparkly new love interest versus the deeper pull of a soul connection. If you have two or more sensations on the soul connection side, you're probably dealing with a deep and meaningful relationship.

  • Soul Connection
  • Everything feels familiar
  • You dream about them in another time or place
  • It seems like you've experienced these conversations and activities before
  • You feel at peace with silent moments together
  • You often think the same thing or finish each other's sentences
  • New Romance
  • Everything feels fresh and new
  • You dream about them in your present circumstances
  • You can't wait to find out what they'll say or do next because it's a surprise
  • You're excited to fill the silence and learn more about them
  • You're learning a lot from your diverse interests and ideas

2. Is this a past-life connection?

Many soul connections are past-life connections, but this isn't true of all of them. If you feel like you've known this person in another time and place, then it's likely a past life connection. If you feel a deep connection in this world but don't see signs of a recurring lesson or feel like you recognize this soul on a deep level, it could be a fresh new soul connection that you're just now meeting in this lifetime.

3. Are you experiencing a karmic connection?

A karmic connection is one that appears in this life because you need to learn an important lesson or settle a karmic debt. With a karmic connection you will often:

  • See evidence of a lesson that's been presented to you before.
  • Notice a pull to give something to this person for nothing in return.
  • Receive something of value with no request for reciprocation.
  • Experience twin-like emotions from previously shared experiences.

Karmic connections spur us forward on our life journey. They teach important lessons, encourage growth, and help us find our path. Not sure? Here's more on distinguishing between a past life or a karmic connection.

New Romance

A new romance is exciting. Though you may not be soulmates, you still have lots to learn from each other. These relationships often open us up to fresh experiences we might not have tried otherwise. Enjoy the excitement of the unknown as this relationship unfolds. Try getting a love tarot reading for some ideas about where you're headed.

New Soul Connection

A new soul connection is the beginning of a relationship that will last lifetimes. This is a deep and spiritual experience that may end up being the last great romance of your life. Whether you're together forever or simply make a deep impression this time around, know that a soul connection is something that will always leave you changed. Talk to a clairvoyant psychic for some guidance on this journey.

Karmic Connection

Karmic connections are sometimes painful and always important. These relationships are often temporary because the primary purpose is to help you learn a lesson or repay a debt. When this is accomplished, it may be time to move on. Know that you will experience incredible growth and lifelong benefits from this experience. This type of connection is sometimes referred to as "twin flames" because you align with each other on an intimate level. Twin flames have a deep mirror-like soul connection and often feel like two halves of the same person. Many believe this is because they were one soul in another life, so this may be your first encounter with this soul in its current form, but certainly not your first encounter with the soul overall. Call a spiritual psychic to better understand what you're meant to take from this relationship.

Past Life Soulmate

A soulmate from a past life may return as a lifelong love connection in this one. A past-life lover feels incredibly familiar on all levels. Consider meditating together or working with a psychic who can speak to both of you as you explore your history on a deeper level. Call a love psychic now to begin deepening your relationship.


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