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Finding True Love Through Self-Love

Date 2/13/2024
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In the quest for romance, we often overlook a crucial ally in the journey of finding true love: self-love. Finding true love through self-love is not just a fancy phrase, but a fundamental step to attracting the love life of your dreams.

The Magic Begins Within

The concept of self-love might sound like a modern-day mantra, but it's as timeless as the tarot itself. When you cultivate a loving relationship with yourself, you set the stage for the universe to work its magic. For spiritual souls seeking love, tarot can be a guiding light. But, remember, the cards are not just about predicting who, when, or how you’ll find your romantic partner. They are reflective tools that encourage a deeper understanding and appreciation of oneself. 

Attracting Love by Being You

If you're embodying an aura of self-respect and self-contentment, you're more likely to attract someone who appreciates and cherishes you for who you are. It’s the law of attraction meets the law of love! So, when you're finding true love through self-love, you're not just waiting for Cupid to shoot an arrow; you're actively preparing yourself to be the best partner you can be.

Self-love is not selfish; it’s self-fulfilling. By embracing your uniqueness, nurturing your passions, and accepting your flaws, you become a love magnet. Why? Because confidence and self-awareness are attractive! And when it comes to finding true love through self-love, think of it as being your own matchmaker.

The Journey Is the Reward

As you embark on this path, remember it’s a journey, not a race. Each step you take towards loving yourself more is a step closer to a love that’s reflective of the true you. The universe has a funny way of aligning stars when you’re aligned with yourself.

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Angelica, extension 9393 with Psychic Source and it is my pleasure to work with clients on how to attract love and life partnership.

Three of the tarot cards that I find to be very dynamic in bringing in love, now and in the future, one is the Empress. This is all about self-love, self-worth. When you have that, it is contagious.

The other card that I love is the Queen of Pentacles. This is knowing what you want, having the faith and belief that it's on its way.

And then third is that Two of Wands. This is an action. This is dreaming your dreams, setting your goals, getting involved in things that you love, that you're passionate about, Being with like-minded people—this is crucial, those action steps in faith and gratitude.

All right. Thank you so much. Connect with me. 


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