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Date 3/24/2023
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Feng Shui Tips for Love

Feng Shui Love Tips

Did you know that the ancient Chinese system for working with energy in the home, Feng Shui, can be used to create the most favorable conditions for love to thrive? Or that one of the main tools used in Feng Shui, the Bagua, is related to the ancient oracle, the iChing, used for predicting, among other things, love and romance?

Working with oracles and energies are what we do best, so we created this infographic to help you use feng shui to attract love in your life. We’ll show you how to feng shui your bedroom with the right furniture placements, and how to feng shui your living room and amplify the love energy with crystals and meditations. We’ll even touch on feng shui colors for the kitchen, and herbs that encourage romance as you cook.

Want to learn more about working with energy to make room for love? Our love psychics are experts in helping you identify and clear away blockages that keep you from experiencing the love you deserve, finding true love, and keeping it alive.

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