Different Tarot Cards and Their Connection to Love

Published Date 2/21/2016
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Tarot cards can show you if your relationship will lead to happiness.

Different tarot cards can signify strong connections to love and the relationships in your life. Often, they will have both good and bad aspects. Here are four tarot cards and what they mean for your love life.

The Fool

The Fool can function as both a positive and negative card with regards to love. It depends on if you’re the Fool, or the Fool represents the person to whom you give your love. The Fool can be a good thing because this person is happy about life, which could mean an enjoyable relationship. You’re optimistic about the possibilities, in a romantic mood, and so can attract love to come into your life. At the same time, the Fool is impulsive and irresponsible, so it may mean a quick end to a relationship.

The Magician

Getting the Magician can be incredibly positive. Getting a love tarot reading can further explore what this means in the context of your current and potential future relationships. The Magician represents someone who truly understands you, who knows who you are and what makes you that way. In this kind of relationship, you’ll have plenty to discuss because you have lots of similar interests and can make each other laugh. The Magician is your ideal partner; you’ll have a very active relationship because this person is not exactly like you but instead complements you.

With a capable and smart partner like the Magician, you also must learn to grow and mature. While this can be overwhelmingly positive, sometimes it leads to heartbreak. Being with someone so perfect for you can make you feel like you have to prove yourself, and sometimes you’ll feel paranoid that you could lose it all if you’re not good enough.

The Emperor

Getting the Emperor can be good or bad, depending on the context. It heralds good things in love if you’re business-oriented and want to move up in the world. This kind of love simultaneously heals you and hurts you. The Emperor represents a person in your love life who expects a lot from you, both personally and professionally. Their love means great responsibility, as a family business tends to come with this relationship. Often, this person is stronger than you in some way. If you react well, you’ll get more than a typical romance.


This card shows that you should never take anything for granted. The Strength card highlights someone who is strong for everyone else in their life, especially partners, and it speaks to an emotional strength. It’s a card for healing, and it shows a relationship that has a great chance to last. It will work if you have patience because you can grow strong through difficult times together. However, it can also mean that someone in the relationship takes the other for granted. A tarot reading can help you determine how to avoid this painful lesson and appreciate the beauty of this kind of relationship.

Looking at different tarot cards can reveal various aspects of your relationships and what you can expect in love.  

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