Dealing with Empty Nest Syndrome by Psychic Michelle

Published Date 6/10/2014
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Just because your son or daughter leaves the home doesn't mean they're out of your life forever. Use this as a time to connect further and make family plans.

Parenthood starts out with spending endless sleepless nights with your little babies; the never-ending debate of breastfeeding or bottle feeding; and worrying if they’re growing properly. Then it progresses to endless teacher conferences; music, dance and sporting events; oh and let’s not forget how fun teaching the kids to drive can be!  Then the infinite nights of pacing the floor waiting for them to arrive home safely on a Friday night.  Now you look at those faces and smile as you see their dreams of college or the work force and a whole world ahead of them. 


Twenty-something years sure does fly by.  Everyone says, “Enjoy them while you can, time flies.”  Even though some days seemed to be stuck in a time warp machine somewhere.  But here you are, an empty nester!  What do you do now that you’re basically on your own?  What do you do now that you don’t have that audience to make sure you stay on the straight and narrow? 


Dig deep inside of you and bring out that young person who had all those dreams when they were in their twenties.   Maybe you want to go back to school or take some classes just for fun.  There are cooking classes, dog obedience classes, cake decorating and even paranormal classes out there!   Host a psychic party, go on a haunted house tour, learn to play an instrument or start writing that book or blog you’ve been thinking about.


Being an empty nester can be very exciting… it’s a new beginning for you!  Break out of that nest and enjoy living. You deserve it!  Also, the best gift you can give to your family is to live life to the fullest.  That sets a great example for all.

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