16 Tips to Help Heal from a Break Up by Psychic Minerva

Date 10/19/2022
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#7 - a Release Ritual may help you let go.

#7 - a Release Ritual may help you let go.

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Many of us become devastated after breaking up with a significant other, no matter how long we had been together. We often feel broken, lost and unloved. Whether they actually tell us they are ending the relationship or they simply ghost us and just disappear, the pain of breaking up can leave us vulnerable and confused.  We seem to feel that for some reason, we may never find love again.  Of course, the fact is we are always capable of finding love, but the feeling of rejection and abandonment can cloud our ability to think clearly.

There is no easy formula for healing a broken heart. There are of course a number of things people do in order to cope, some healing and some self-damaging. However, the key in getting over a break-up is self-care and finding healthy ways to cope.

There are basic things you can do to heal that are proactive and truly assist you in moving forward. In order to help you heal from a break-up there are a few practical things you can do that will provide some relief and get you on track to emotional recovery. 

Here is a list of 16 Things to Help You Heal from a Break Up:
1. Never forget - You are always worthy of love. One bad relationship does not designate you to a loveless life.
2. Take time to heal before moving forward to your next relationship.
3. Practice self-compassion and treat yourself with care, rather than beat yourself up after a break-up.
4. Avoid self-blame and assuming you did something wrong, remember relationships involve two people.
5. Seek the guidance of a spiritual counselor or psychic advisor.
6. Practice regular meditation and positive healing visualization techniques at least for 5 minutes.
7. Do a release ritual to help you let go. This can be done by writing a good-bye letter and safely burning it.
8. Take a bath with lavender oil and a bunch chamomile tea bags; or do a shower with lavender soap, to help you relax.
9. Do a heart chakra meditation, which will allow you to feel more self-compassion and less lonely.  Look on YouTube for heart chakra meditations.
10. Attend drumming circles and let the sounds of the drum connect you to the Earth’s energy, which will help ground you.
11. Take frequent nature walks since nature is therapeutic, plus natural sunlight provides the body with vitamin D.
12. Go for a Reiki or Prana healing session which will help you restore balance and overall well-being.
13. Seek the support of friends and family.
14. Take a yoga class or enroll in a gym, both of which will help allow to you feel better by increasing dopamine levels in your brain.
15. Maintain a gratitude or a self-appreciation list. Initially you may find nothing to be grateful about, however, take small steps and eventually the list will help you see things differently.
16. Keep a journal and document your progress and the things you appreciate, as well as your healing process.
Whatever you do, take your time to heal. There is not a simple rule on how quickly to recover from a broken heart, everyone is different.  The key to healing from a break-up is being aware that you are a person worth loving and that a break-up is not an indication of your value as a person.  You do not stop being attractive, valuable or worthy of love just because someone ended things with you.  

Remember, as you heal, be compassionate and kind to yourself, and avoid jumping into the first possible relationship you encounter just because you believe you might never love again.  Time heals all wounds!

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