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The Day of Light - Tale of the 100th Monkey by Psychic Kimberle

Date 6/12/2015

Intentions of love and healing have great power!

Intentions of love and healing have great power!

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On June 21st, Psychic Source celebrates the Day of Light, a day of spiritual awakening and meditation.

The Day of Light is powerful because it harnesses the power of energy and intentions.
I always refer to the story of The 100th Monkey in my mind when I think of energy and intentions. When enough of us worldwide intend healing or even just intend love and positive thoughts it shifts the consciousness.

To quickly read a version of the 100th Monkey story, click here

In the story the monkeys were given sweet potatoes that were covered in sand by scientists that were observing them.  Slowly the monkeys learned to clean the sand off one by one.  It was mainly the young monkeys that were teaching the old this new technique.  Then one day suddenly all the monkeys were cleaning their potatoes. The ENERGY of the new technique had allowed all of their species to evolve overnight. The story simplifies the power of energy and intentions. 
We are all evolving and absorbing energy.
The evolvement of the monkeys was done slowly until enough absorption was reached and then ALL the monkeys evolved together to clean the potatoes as part of their routine. It no longer needed to be taught as much as this is what we do. As part of who they were.  

We are not seeking to clean some sweet potatoes when we harness energy for positive but to help everyone evolve. We are seeking to fill love into the dark places that fear exists in. I think we can all easily relate to harnessing the power or anger or jealousy and we all know that outcome of this easily in our minds. 

Our emotions are contagious.
For some reason when it’s about anger or hate or lower vibrational levels we can all connect the dots easily and see how the energy of anger leads to destruction. We know if we sit and are angry for an hour, odds are that others are going to feel it or feel the effect of our anger. The same works with love. It’s just really as simple as connecting to the higher vibrational levels and just allowing yourself to be the straw or bridge to connect the dimensions. 

This can be done by anyone by sitting quietly and allowing your mind to think of memories that evoke love within you. So you can think of holding a family member or a lovely day you spent with a loved one or even a walk on the beach in your mind. Just as anger has a specific trigger in all of us so does love. When you do this with a group, the intentions or frequencies meet with others and the energy is amplified. When enough of this energy is absorbed into this dimension we all heal and we all get closer to making the concept of “heaven on Earth” real. 

You could be that 100th Monkey!

From now thru June 19th, look for new articles about The Day of Light each Tuesday and Friday. And be sure to join us for our day of positive thoughts and intentions on June 21st.

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