The Benefits of Meditation

Published Date 8/4/2016
Category: Health & Wellness

Meditation as a Practice of Listening and Receiving

What happens when we calm the mind? It makes room for answers, according to our Psychic Source Advisors. "Prayer is asking; meditation is receiving" says Advisor Kali. This is just one of the many benefits of meditating regularly, even for just a few minutes per day. But that's not all. Meditation helps you to separate out what's really just noisy mind chatter from what's important, and actually prioritize what's most important, according to Psychic Betty. Through meditation, both questions and answers become more accessible and clear.

It isn't easy. That's why it's called "a practice."
Our minds resist. That's what minds do. We are constantly bombarding ourselves with thoughts, observations and judgments, as anyone who has tried to meditate knows full well. Ever tried listening to a quiet voice when someone else keeps talking over everyone? It can be pretty near impossible. Meditation enables us to pay attention to the quiet voice of our own intuition, and in that way, tap into our own divine Source.   

Our Advisors can guide you through it.
One of the most powerful ways to experience meditation is through a guided process. Hearing a trusted voice lead you through the process of quieting and noticing can make it easier to tune in, and provide a safe and meaningful way to go on a journey of self discovery. You may find our Guided Meditation Podcasts a useful way to focus. You could also ask an Advisor who specializes in meditation to create a special guided meditation for you based on the  of your reading while you are still on the phone. This can be a powerful way to tap into your own intuition and Spirit Guides, with someone well versed in symbolic meaning and metaphor, which can be a helpful way to reframe the situation.

Learn more about meditation and find an Advisor who can guide you in meditation by using the filter on Our Advisors page for Meditation, found under the subject area for Life, Destiny and Meaning. You can also learn more about how to meditate in our Guide to Meditation.

Video Transcript

Lily: Meditation is about connecting with your life source and with God's source.

Kali: There is a difference between prayer and meditation. Prayer is asking, meditation is receiving.

Stevie: When we are meditating we are truly giving back and recharging our soul.

Lily: We need to quiet the mind, shut down the mind, open the heart, and connect with our souls.

Betty: Meditation has a calmness, and it brings to the forefront what is important, and it kind of gets rid of the residue.

Kali: I feel that a lot of people think there is a right or wrong way to do it and there really isn't. It's what's good for you.

Betty: The beauty of it is, it can be done anywhere. You can even walk and meditate.

Stevie: Even in the shower, you're getting ready to go to work, if you can just take that five minutes to just really be at the present.

Bridgette: Have fun with meditation and enjoy it.

Kali: If you can only do it for 1 minute or 15 minutes, do that. Do what makes you feel good.

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