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A How-to Guide for Cleansing Energy and Negativity From Your Home and Life

Date 1/11/2023
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How do you cleanse your energy field?

How do you cleanse your energy field?

Just as you need to clean your body to keep it healthy and fresh, you need to clean your energy field too. Sensitive people are like sponges - they take on the energy of the environment and the people around them. They can literally become so heavy with other people’s stuff that they are exhausted from it. If this continues for a long period of time and you don’t cleanse your energy you can become overwhelmed, exhausted, burned out, or sick.

Have you ever noticed how good it feels to get rid of things that have been cluttering our space - that deep sigh of relief you feel after a good deep spring cleaning? It feels so good. This is the same for our energetic field. It is not an area that we are accustomed to paying a lot of attention to, but when it gets backed up with sludge, it can cause us to feel foggy, drained, fatigued, moody, or just unsettled.

So, to combat this we need to regularly cleanse the energy in our homes and in our bodies.

How to Cleanse Negative Energy from Your Home

Start by cleaning the negative and static energy in your home by opening windows to let fresh air blow away stagnant energy. Especially during the winter months, people take in a lot of negative energy from being stuck indoors and breathing in the pollution and toxins in the air. Breathe in some fresh air and get some sunlight to bring more positive energy into your life and get rid of the negative. Try smudging with Palo santo or sage while setting the intention that the smoke will get rid of any negative energy in the home, and if burning sage is not an option, you can try these energy clearing tips from Psychic Arthur.

Give your home a good cleaning and decluttering and bring in some fresh flowers or plants. Your home is an escape, an inviting place where you come to relax. It should be kept cozy and full of space to breathe and rest easily. By clearing away areas that tend to collect clutter, you give your home a good vibe. Make piles of coupons, put loose papers in folders, and try to always keep things in their proper place. Let chaos know it doesn’t live here!

If you have not used it in 5 years… let it go! Holding onto items that you no longer have a purpose for not only clutters your home but can also settle into your subconscious. Letting go can be difficult, but it can also be liberating! If you don’t want to throw it out, give it to a local consignment shop, try selling it at a garage sale, or put it on your curb with a ‘FREE!’ sign.

Now that your house is organized and free of clutter, break out the cleaning supplies, crank up your favorite music and make your home, office, or car shine! Dust, dirt, and debris from winter creep into cracks and corners, making your space feel dingy. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and feng shui away! There’s something very therapeutic about good old fashion elbow grease and after you’re done you will have a space that is open and inviting.

Psychic Zoey provides more tips for Making Your Home Magical.

How to Declutter Your Mind

You've cleaned your closets, organized the fridge, and weeded the garden, but what about your mind? Clearing space in your brain allows you to focus on what's truly important. Start with a few deep breaths. For a few minutes, simply focus on your breaths coming into and then out of your body. The calming effect will let you focus on what's important.

To simplify your thoughts, you need to pinpoint what's truly essential. You can make a short list to keep your focus. This goes for little things, like appointments and ideas, as well as plans for achieving goals or things worrying you at the moment. Writing down phone numbers and appointments helps clear space in your mind for more important things. You don't need to store everything in your head! Keeping a journal will help you deal with more complicated matters. It lets you store your inner conversations, like concerns about a relationship, somewhere that they no longer intrude on your thinking.

Many people keep a large file of mistakes, people they've hurt, and missed opportunities tucked away in their minds. Instead of leaving these memories there to dwell on, take some time to go through them and let go of what's not helping you now.

If you’ve been putting off making decisions, procrastination takes up space in your mind as well. When you put off making decisions, your mind overflows with all the decisions that you still need to make. Taking a moment to take a deep breath and decide clears your mind.

How to Protect and Cleanse Your Energy

Have you been feeling tired and exhausted recently and everything feels like a struggle? Do you feel like people always come to you with their problems? Are you the go-to person for your friends to discuss their relationship woes? Are you the fixer? Are you the person who tries so hard to make everyone feel better and to put everyone’s needs before your own? After a while of doing this, you will literally feel drained, with nothing left to give. People who are spiritually inclined, healers, or empaths need to practice psychic self-protection to protect their energy and their boundaries. 

Practice a Daily Morning Grounding Meditation

Sit on the edge of your bed when you have a few minutes in the morning (and you will repeat this process in the evening before bed). Make sure your feet are firmly on the ground (bare feet are best for our natural energy flow), and that your posture is good, with your arms at your sides, and palms up on the bed. 

Close your eyes. Visualize a beautiful, brilliant white light just above your head. The brightness does not hurt your eyes. Inhale slowly, filling your lungs to their maximum capacity, and picture pulling this loving, healing, positive white light into your body through the top of your head (your crown), filling your entire being, and shining out through the bottoms of your feet as you now slowly exhale.

While you exhale, know and believe that you are also ridding yourself of any and all negative energies. Doing this to close your day before sleeping also helps to prepare you for a restful and peaceful night, especially if you suffer from insomnia or worrisome dreams.

Get Enough Sleep

Speaking of sleep, this sounds easy enough, however, insomnia is a problem that plagues many people. Please ensure that you have a thorough check-up with your physician if you do suffer from constant insomnia first, to rule out any physiological causes. Once you have done this, try taking these steps to get into a good sleeping cycle. 

The first thing is to figure out how much sleep you need to function well; and this will, of course, be different for everyone. You may determine this simply by experimentation. Some people need just six hours of sleep, while other require eight or more, so it's important to figure out what you need as an individual. 

Once you know how much sleep you need, start going to bed at the same time every night (at least during the work week, and as much as is realistic). The second piece to this is to set your alarm for the same time every morning (even on weekends). Even if you feel tired at first, get out of bed once that alarm sounds, and prepare to begin your day.

Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

Because we are all so very unique, changing the way we take care of ourselves is a process. When it comes to learning how to eat well (specific to your personal needs), and implementing changes in diet and eating habits, start by seeing your family doctor. It is always wise to then visit a nutritionist especially if you have medical conditions and if you are taking medication.

Your physician can help you to make transitions safely, and at the best pace, and a nutritionist can advise you on what changes are needed in your food intake (amount), and the types and combinations of food you need to eat for optimum health, as well as how to start and how to 'stick with it'.

Many people do not feel well because they are simply not drinking enough water/fluids that hydrate on a consistent basis. It is important not to over-hydrate (that is dangerous, just as dehydration is dangerous), and having the help of a specialist in nutrition to advise you on how to maintain healthy hydration is just as important as eating healthy.

Move your Body

Get outdoors and walk. Walking at a brisk pace and moving your arms while you do, is one of the most wonderful forms of exercise there is. How you walk can become a wonderful workout that improves cardiovascular and pulmonary health, muscle tone, and mood. Exercise releases endorphins which are chemicals in the brain that improve mood, and reduce stress, anxiety, as well as depression. 

Walking outside also gives you air and sunshine. Sunshine is so important for healthy energy levels (it is the best natural form of Vitamin D), and many people need extra Vitamin D, especially in the winter months. Fresh air and sunshine help us to connect with nature and the universe for an overall feeling of inner peace. This keeps your energy field clear and replenished.

Create a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Inside or outside our homes, most of us work for a living. The important thing to remember is the old saying: Work to live, don't live to work. Sometimes we may get so caught up in our work that we are working more than we are spending time with loved ones and taking time for ourselves.

It is important that we establish a good work-life balance where we make a promise to ourselves to take time to get out and do the things that bring us joy, to be around friends and family, and to have 'alone time' to relax. The more balanced your life becomes, the more enjoyment you will get out of it in all areas, and the better able you are to protect and restore your energy.

Remove Negative People from Your Life

When you spend a fair amount of time with negative people, they drain your energy. This is not always something they are consciously aware of, although some people are, which is why they want to be around you so much. They feed on your energy because they are lacking it and are out of balance in this regard. The feeling you will have is one of being drained, exhausted, feeling like you need to sleep, or even feeling unwell. The worst of these are Energy Vampires, and this podcast on cutting cords with toxic people may help.

You need to 'clean house' and gradually begin to put space between the negative people in your life and yourself. Now, there are some alternatives here if the negative person is getting help or working on themselves to become positive, and if they see it through, how you feel around them or after being around them, will improve. 

Do What You Love, Every Day

If you are unhappy in your work, some really important decisions are required to start the process of doing whatever it is you love to do most and finding a way to make a living at it. “Do what you love,” is a very old saying and it is one that never goes away for good reason. When you do what you love, it becomes a labor of love, but not work in the sense that it's a job per se. 

Being able to do what you love means you wake up every day looking forward to it, having a passion for it, feeling happy while you’re doing it, and having a true sense of fulfillment as you continue to do it and move forward. This is not to say you should quit your current job today; again, this is a process.

Find what it is that you love and find out how you may make a living from doing it. Expect this to be gradual most of the time, but seeing it grow will bring joy and hope into your life as well. Then begin to make changes and do your research. 

Start by asking yourself:

  • Do you need to take any educational or business courses?
  • Do you need to save up some money to begin?
  • Do you need to rent space or is it something you can do from home?

Find the answers to all the questions you have, and then dedicate yourself to working to fulfill each step of your calling.

Embrace a Spirituality That Gives You Strength

This is definitely a choice, as is everything, however, The Laws of Wellness would not be complete without it. Find some type of faith or belief system from which you can draw strength when you don't feel strong. Faith does not have to mean a specific religion; it can be a very personal relationship you hold with how you see and interpret the world, other people, the universe, and yourself. It can give your life additional meaning and purpose, and comfort you in what otherwise looks like chaos.

Replenish Your Aura to Cleanse Energy

Your aura is the energy field that surrounds you. Psychic Coffee suggests this exercise to cleanse and replenish the energy of your aura.

    • Stand outside in the sunlight and imagine a rainbow forming an archway overhead, touching the ground on your left and right sides, being most brilliant directly above you. The rainbow starts with red at the top, then orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo, and ends with violet nearest your head.

    • Shut your eyes and imagine that your winter-depleted aura is reaching above your head and drawing in the most important color from the rainbow. Do not tell yourself which color you need, let your aura determine it. You may be surprised to discover which color your depleted aura wants. Most of us are, so expect the unexpected. Enjoy the feeling as you let your aura take in all the color it wants. In a few minutes, you will feel when your aura stops drawing in the color. Take a deep breath or two and go to the next step.

    • With your eyes still closed, let your aura reach up again for the second most needed color. Let your aura draw it in. Warning: most modern people, especially artists, will want to draw in harmonious color schemes. That is a no-no. Be sure to let your aura, not your mind or your beliefs about color, determine the second color. Just relax and let your aura draw in the second color that it needs from that rainbow. It will again stop when it is finished, and you will enjoy the new colors. Breathe for a minute or two and go to the next step.

    • Open your eyes slightly and look at your hands for about thirty seconds. Then gently close your eyes, relax, and let your aura draw in the third most needed color. Again, remember to let your aura draw the color in as your aura always knows exactly what it needs to help you create a fantastic year. When it stops drawing in the third most needed color, gently and very slowly begin to open your eyes. Focus on your hands first and then slowly focus on a beautiful plant or object. It is important to look at beautiful things and, if possible, to listen to soft harmonious music after doing spiritual exercises. This will help to anchor the changes in your energy field.

To get the greatest benefit from this exercise, try it while standing near a tree, lake, stream, or the ocean’s shoreline. This is a daytime exercise and works on both sunny and cloudy days.

Here are a few things to avoid after you've completed the exercise:

-Do not surround yourself with white light as this time. It is essential to let your aura integrate its chosen colors in order to heal.

-Do not rush about or engage in any conversation.

-Try not to go right back to work.

-Avoid pushing the changes in your aura right back out of your life by worrying about what just happened or if it worked correctly.

We always have inner strength but there are times when we may feel it is difficult to reach due to grief, stress, and any unexpected major life changes that jolt us, and that’s why our Psychic Source Advisors are available around the clock to offer metaphysical guidance and support. 

Explore spirituality through books, speaking with others that hold a variety of faiths, and most importantly, from looking within. Faith should give you answers to help you cope, thrive, and be happier in a world filled with both positive and negative, and dark and light people and events. 

Clear Your Chakras to Cleanse Energy

Your Chakras are the energy system within you. Psychic Maya explains that when we clear our chakra system, we are releasing old thoughts, emotions, and energy we have been holding, often from others. The results can feel subtle at first, but you will notice more clarity, connection, and a feeling of lightness. She suggests using the high vibrational power of water to assist you in the energy clearing.

“Start by standing in the shower. Imagine a cord dropping from your tailbone and reaching deep into the earth and into an aquifer.

Begin flushing any heavy emotions or energy down the cord and into the earth.

Ask the Earth to accept what you are offering by recycling it into light. Keep releasing any energy that isn't yours or that you no longer need.

Now, bring your awareness to your first chakra, right above the pelvic bone. Take your hand a couple inches from the body and scoop in a counterclockwise direction three times.

You are opening and clearing the chakra. Now put your hand under the water and let the water take the energy down into the earth.

When this feels complete, place the opposite hand over the chakra with the other hand up to the sky palm up. imagine light pouring in through the palm and out through the other hand, feeding the chakra with light.

When this feels complete, take the hand and wind up the chakra by spinning quickly in a clockwise direction three times (like stirring a drink with your fingertips). Make sure the hand is a few inches from the body.

Repeat this process for each chakra.

When finished, connect with the Earth energy and draw it into your belly. Let the water run into the top of your head, imagining a golden liquid light from Source filling all the spaces you've just cleaned out.

Draw the Source liquid light energy down into the body and all of your energy field. Then, let it swirl and pool in the belly with the Earth energy.”

Call on Angels to Cleanse Energy

You can think of Angels as an Energy System of the Divine. Psychic Freya suggests imagining Archangel Michael coming with his sword of light and suggests this prayer:

“Archangel Michael please come to me here and now and to cut the cords that I have picked up over time of any energy that does not belong to me. This is the energy from people, places, or situations. Thank you for cutting these cords and sending back any energy that does not serve me and is not for my greatest good and send it back to where it belongs. With that I say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and so it is done.”

Once you have cleansed your energy you can then put yourself in a protective bubble of light at the beginning of each day. I close my eyes and imagine that there is a bubble of white iridescent light round me so that I am basically spiritual Teflon so that negative energy does not stick to me.”

Once you start doing these exercises as part of your regular self-care practice, you will feel your energy lighten and feel so much better.

Learn exactly to remove negative energy from your life with this free guided meditation podcast by Psychic Bridgette.


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