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Are You Addicted to Technology? Try a Digital Detox!

Date 7/13/2021
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Does technology have you under its spell?

Does technology have you under its spell?

From smartphones and tablets to TVs and virtual assistants, technology is becoming more omnipresent than ever before. If you can't remember the last time you enjoyed a few moments without your phone in your hand, you might have an addiction to technology. Find out how to stop relying on your devices and learn how to break free from technology's spell.


Track Your Usage

It's easy to ignore your reliance on technology if you don't really know how much time you spend using it throughout the day. To assess the extent of your addiction, track the time you spend scrolling through your phone, watching TV, or using smart devices throughout the day. Keep it simple by using a timer and a pad of paper or add a time-tracking app to your phone for easy access.


Fill Your Free Time

As you track your device usage, you can start to pick out patterns. Maybe you check phone notifications and end up wasting hours on unrelated apps or websites. Perhaps you watch several hours of TV to relax at the end of a long week. Either way, start to map out alternative low-tech activities you can do to achieve the same goal. Try taking a short walk to give your mind a break, talking with a psychic reader to unwind and destress without judgment, or reading a book to let your mind wander.


Plan Offline Periods

Breaking a technology addiction isn't easy, but you'll have a better chance of succeeding if you establish offline periods in advance. If you're always online, tell your co-workers, family, and friends when you'll be tuning out. Turn off your phone for a few minutes or a few hours each day, and put it out of sight to avoid distraction. Use the time to practice mindfulness and increase your awareness of what's around you or to connect with those you care about in person.


Set a Stop Time

As you start to break your technology addiction, you're likely to notice you feel more clearheaded and better connected to your environment. To give your well-being an additional boost, try setting a mandatory stop time in the evening. At least an hour before your usual bedtime, turn off all devices and focus on relaxing offline instead. By avoiding the blue light from your smart devices before bed, you'll sleep better and feel more rested in the morning.


Try a Digital Detox

Making small changes is a great way to decrease your reliance on technology gradually. If you want to make a big change, however, try a digital detox. Delete the smartphone apps you're most addicted to or store your tablet or TV remote out of sight. Keep track of the fun you have with family and friends or the progress you make on projects to remind yourself how much good you can do when you don't succumb to the temptation of technology.


Do you feel your reliance on smart devices goes deeper than the entertainment and convenience they offer? Chat with a psychic online to learn more about your true motivations and how to move past your addiction to technology.


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